Oscar Dominguez What’s in the Case?

Oscar Dominguez What’s in the Case? with Samm Diep. See more at www.insidepoolmag.com

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  1. albert333pool says:

    1st to comment… Go Oscar…

  2. MacManLtd says:

    eye drops to dilate his pupils to see better :p

    it really works, in a darker pool hall ect.

  3. deliberately says:

    Man, this guy is getting more press every day!

    Way to go man.

  4. ducky811 says:

    Beautiful playing cue….but $8000!!!! My two playing cues and break cue and case equals $800 total. Too rich for my blood….$8000….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. edtuason says:

    Hey Oscar finally you got on whats in the case! Dude you gotta check out my Prewitt almost like yours except its 6 points and no fancy inlays in the butt. Hit me up man. Pat

  6. trueblu8 says:

    Damn that nigga’s a BALLA. Love them Prewitt’s man.

  7. takehiro0740 says:

    he looks like a nice guy 🙂

  8. aznelf13 says:

    lols u shuld see efren reye’s cue, it’s only coest 125,000 “yen” in other words a little over $1300.

  9. mackadousha says:

    @takehiro0740 he really is. i had the pleasure to meet him at this years world pool team championships.
    he was always smiling and very friendly.
    he even played some 10 ball with a twelve year old little girl for over an hour and never seemed bored.

  10. mackadousha says:

    8 shafts ????

  11. TeenyTiny945 says:

    What are pool dots? Been playin for quite some time Hardcore and never heard of them.

  12. ermaduk says:

    sam – “i looove this guyy” at the cue extension.. sounds like she loves em fat 🙂

  13. poolplayer2093 says:

    @TeenyTiny945 the spot on the table where you rack. he does table instals with his father up and down california. best table mechanics in the state

  14. TeenyTiny945 says:

    Oh ok, (derr) lol Its been so long since I’ve heard them referred as dots. So used to hearing head-spot and rack-spot.

  15. nNorthWestern says:

    @aznelf13 he played 20years with 15$ house cue;P someone tryed to buy it for 10000$ but efren refused

    that 125,000yen cue was originaly sold for 100$ in japan, slab efren’s name on the side and its 1300$ 😀

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