NV 7.2 – Cue ball billiard shot

billiards.colostate.edu Dr. Dave demonstrates how to aim a billiard or carom shot in pool and billiards. One of many instructional video demonstrations available at billiards.colostate.edu

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  1. dodson1972 says:

    now your snookered on the one.

  2. tinstal says:

    i thought when he said “you’re shooting solids,” it would have not taken much common sense to figure out that the game being played is 8-ball

  3. philandgary says:

    yeh but,you probably had a few goes of that before you pulled the shot off yourself

  4. global69warming says:

    what is the word dr.dave uses before spin??

    i cant understand ?

    he says quote:
    i’m going to use a small amount of ???? spin
    before i shoot the ball unquote

    can anyone capture that previous word??

  5. DrDaveBilliards says:

    A small amount of bottom spin (draw) is required to ensure “stun” at object ball impact. The bottom spin wears off as the cue ball slides across the table.

    Dr. Dave

  6. global69warming says:

    thanks Dave
    your videos are really constructive for the average class B players like me.
    Pity you cant join us here in the Philippines
    to watch the world 9 ball championship nov.3 to nov.11

  7. sfleinen says:

    He’s not playing 9-ball here. He’s playing 8-ball, and an open shot on the 3-ball results after he pockets the 2-ball with that carom/billiard shot. He can easily get position on the 1-ball after pocketing the 3-ball.

  8. MrAliPaly says:


  9. haraldinho13 says:

    you dont have to put a ball every shot.

    Leave it there.
    Its one hole less for the enemy.

    But its good to now that shot

    Gr Harald

  10. DrDaveBilliards says:

    Good point. But here, we can run the table … starting with the billiard shot.

    Dr. Dave

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