Mike Massey & Venom, Artistic Billiard (Carom table)

This time a bigger surprise than usual…I just teamed up with one of the greatest trick shot artist on the earth and we did some awesome shots on a carom table. Mike and I actually did some of the hardest stroke shots from the artistic billiard program. We really hope you will enjoy the video! If you want to watch my high quality DVD, just have a look to the trailer, or order it now at: www.runoutmedia.com or www.venomtrickshots.com If you want to book me for exhibitions, please contact me at venom68@hotmail.com Florian “Venom” Kohler PS: If you read this…well…you’ll be part of the few people who know that another video with Mike is coming soon but this time on the pool table 😉

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  1. BartjeOstend says:

    Cool mon pote, c est filmé ou ?

  2. forcefollow says:

    Well done gentlemen!!!!

  3. tmac3323 says:

    very nicely played guys, many props to ya <(^.^<)

  4. joecrackem says:

    nice shots,great vid and cant wait to see what u guys come up with on a regular table

  5. kizheciozhec says:

    Nice shotss, best players!!!!!

  6. theflake90 says:


  7. theflake90 says:

    5:28 WTF WTF ???

  8. venomtrickshots says:

    @BartjeOstend C’était dans un club en France.

  9. bayoubulletspeed says:

    VERY NICE!!! thanks for posting!!! Didn’t know Mike could sing! Awesome!!!!!

  10. zinnowitzrulez says:

    very nice job as everytime… @ 5:28 wtf…?! ^^

  11. IKnowTrickShots says:

    Great job 🙂

  12. jopssports says:


  13. brooklyn758 says:

    I dont see Mike doing the “Double Masse”. Maybe he’ll pick it up in a couple more years. ;-}. Ha ha. LOL. I’m Happy for you ,Florian. Good luck and ,Florian,make sure u remember to call me when your in New York. I would like to meet you in person,and wish you the best and maybe an autograph.;-}

  14. SteveMarks2217 says:


  15. wwwPro9CoUk says:


  16. biljartkeizer says:

    Great video, Florian. I like the shots. Especially 5:28, I know the shot, haha.
    Maybe see you at a World Championship. Hopefully for me in Florange if I qualify.
    I’m going to practice the double massé. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. jmasemax says:

    verry cool 🙂

  18. carbone144 says:

    Bravo mec, je suis fier de toi, de tes toutes premières vidéos ou j’tai dit que y’avait vraiment moyen que tu finisses loin, que j’texpliquais encore les différents types de billards et matériels qui pouvaient exister et qu’on discutait de tout ça… quand je vois ca ça me fais vraiment plaisir. (Le massé à 5.23 est énormissime. )
    Au plaisir.

    Eric Vaillant.

  19. Skoubatrickshots says:

    C’est beau, y a rien à dire. Juste la grande classe!

  20. venomtrickshots says:

    @biljartkeizer Hi!!I might be able to come and see you play in florange!!you know what are the dates?

  21. icemanplh says:

    i must say your progression is really amazing been watching for along time. i like that your now doing them on a much bigger table and not the puny one in your room lol

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