Mastering Pool Volume 2 ( Mika Immonen ) billiard Training cue ball control

Volume 2 is designed for casual or league players. Rich with intricate 3D animated diagrams, 14 exclusive lessons, and over 35 minutes of special features, this volume of MASTERING POOL is guaranteed to raise your game to a whole new level.

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  1. Rhodes414 says:

    thanks again!

  2. phixxwutwut says:

    deflection can be prevented with low deflection shafts..

  3. TeenyTiny945 says:

    predators in most cases 🙂

  4. DelvinSchisler says:

    or just hit the shit out of it and give it very little english

  5. abgvandijk says:

    @phixxwutwut Those shafts give LESS deflection. U can’t completely prevent it.

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