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Pool & Billiard Training Academy student Jeni Ballash progress.

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  1. BartjeOstend says:

    Info or promo ?

  2. jonathanfarrely83 says:

    dear oyster im having trouble trying the stance due to wearing glasses when im as low as that with the cue under my chin i cant see the shot due to my eyes viewing over the glasses im always trying different stances due to reading books and taking it very serious ive bought a table and would love for you to write back before i loose the last bit of confidence i have left its really getting me down

  3. BilliardInstruction says:


  4. BilliardInstruction says:


    There are three specific things you need to do. First of all, as a reference, do you already own the DVD series? Can you send me a video or picture of yourself in your stance. I’ll be glad to assist you.

    Send it directly to my website email.


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