Massé Video by Tombuzz (Insane Pool/Billiard Tricks) Insired by eric yow’s massé insanity video, I made one of my own! Over 40 different masse shots performed on the pool table by tommy vancraybeek. massé’s are shot with Cuetec massé cue 21

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  1. TheEvildigits says:

    I can’t wait to get my pool vid made! It will be quite flattering to see all the little kids say “THAT’S SO FAKE”

  2. t0mbuzz says:

    @t0mbuzz: U sure do

  3. daleetMeh says:

    If you post comments about how you read or understand simple physics, then you’re probably just a skeptic, who is rationalizing their disbelief in the elementary principles which allow us to do what we do….. pick up a physic book, this time read it instead of making judgements about the title, or who wrote it, or why you shouldnt waste your time on it.

  4. daleetMeh says:

    and on that note…. it takes one kind of person to troll youtube videos, calling them fake, it takes a whole nother kind of person to work and try so hard to make a “fake” pool trickshot video for interweb fame.

    Seriously…. T0mbuzz is just a great fucking pool player, who understands simple physics, and showcases both his pool skills, and his understanding of basic principles in the form of a youtube video. So stop hating on what you wish you could do.

  5. kcross64 says:

    wow! you are a badass mofo! i have friends that are hella players and pull off crazy shit from time to time, but nothin like that bro! and to all the people sayin it is fake they are just pissed they can’t even make a bank shot! keep it up bro and thanks for the vid!

  6. Dave234692 says:


  7. paulos007007 says:

    omg this was awesome

  8. mgsg50 says:

    @staypoe you should really just go bury yourself in a hole in the ground. these shots are not impossible

  9. whytepanther22 says:

    @staypoe I can do two of the shots in this video with about 25% accuracy, it is far from fake. The shots are shown from to many angles and any idiot knows the marks on the cue ball are so you can watch the spin on the cue ball and double verify the credibility of the shots. If this video was hoaxed he wouldn’t be using that kind of cue ball, your just a moron with no knowledge of masse.

  10. whytepanther22 says:

    @t0mbuzz What kind of pool stick are you using to be able to handle the force?

  11. 3S3FlyB0y says:

    great video keep up the good work

  12. jud08uk says:

    Amazing!! must have taken ALOT of practice!

  13. biker477 says:

    I have never seen such control over a cue ball in my entire life. This person is very impressive and I wonder why I have never seen these shots in any broadcast trick shot tournament

  14. gamecraze99 says:

    That was fucking INTENSE.

  15. pwetiiechiqx says:

    nice … amazing i like it

  16. Billardplayer1 says:

    Great Shots .. 🙂
    Watched my video .. Trickshots 🙂

  17. GyprockMusic says:

    @staypoe Dont be a retard watch some national pool trickshot tournaments and learn that all of this is childsplay to a professional u need to learn something

  18. Ytolyccuz says:

    @t0mbuzz I think he’s clueless at both.

    @staypoe Do your research before you speak about stuff that you haven’t got a clue about.

  19. kdovalley says:

    this video is just sick, i can’t believe this is real…

  20. liarobe says:

    tutorial 😀

  21. elunicoben says:

    Men, you really go tallent. If you want someday to come to México city, i offer you a place to stay. I want t see that live.

  22. tzytnt2007 says:

    great shots those masse shots are awesome….probably should try ur luck with players such as Eric Yow and Andy Siegel….
    People who said this is fake…i guess u r either jealous or have totally no knowledge about artistic pool…

    btw what cue r u using? masse cue?

  23. SuperAndroid2 says:

    wow awesome can u make a video to teach us plz

  24. 9ballalex says:

    It needs a lot of practice and you are great…. but the tip of your cue is not even legal in tournaments, cauze putting hard spins on the cueball is much easyer.

  25. jake141000 says:

    @t0mbuzz u couldnt fake it anyway unless u were like some geek with computers and had 2 much time on u hands

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