Marine and Venom, amazing pool trick shots…

This is probably the trick shot like it must be in a show, and like i can do in a show…Almost all shots were made in 3 attempts or least and the result is beautiful…I need to congratulate Marine for her wonderful work and the trust she accord me!! And also my friend JF for the camera work which is a success!!For exhibition information, contact me at:

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  1. setteras says:

    kala ti moyni einai ayto???????

  2. TheRetardBoyz says:

    everyone is so predictable of course its a hot girl in this video if it wasnt….nobody would think its that cool just alright

  3. yankeesfan8224 says:

    Lol on one of he shots she flinched!

  4. frank581949 says:

    She is sooooo pretty !!

  5. TheMushoki says:

    fck the girl….pool is amezing….I have just a one qestion?? ARE YOU NORMAL?? :DD

  6. miche90100 says:

    Quel talent !! Par contre on se demande si c toi qui a fait apelle a marine pour la vidéo ou l’inverse, parce que, d’après les commentaire c Marine la star …

  7. instatutionilazation says:

    second shot…
    over her wonderful ass…

  8. instatutionilazation says:

    pause at 4:07… CENSORED!!!
    I thought her pants were slightly down and u could see sumthing…
    i wouldve been like “no censor needed here…!”

  9. TheLogiiebear says:

    you should be bangin the girl not shooting pool balls around her!

  10. GERda88 says:

    still wondering how he could concentrate…. respect dude

  11. AudacityOFCoke says:

    the best part is the chick lol

  12. xTheSpaceCadetx says:

    Haha that’s definitely your sister. A guy who waists his time putting up videos like this obviously has no social life outside his family… Douche… Good trick shots though.:)

  13. ImKarmasBitch says:

    2:17 was insane!

  14. iwatchandisee says:

    why go out and buy expensive props when you have a perfectly good girlfriend?

  15. PurpleLotus92 says:

    you do realize the only reason why the balls always go in is because the balls wanna impress the girl? xD

  16. xiparas15 says:

    ole k ayudante mas wapa

  17. xiparas15 says:

    ole k wapa

  18. xiparas15 says:

    ole k wapa

  19. IxOVERKILLxI says:

    did you bang her afterwards

  20. adrianengay says:

    3:49 awwww

  21. snowFOOLINme says:

    if this doesn’t get you poon… theres something wrong

  22. Ieatmypantsoff says:

    Wow she is amazing

  23. drjukie says:

    Sweety, change your socks to a cleaner one for the next shooting, ok? 🙂

  24. KristynHealy9284 says:

    kobe bryant: youngest player to EVER recieve defensive honors
    (50 inch vertical [dot] com)

  25. GIANWILLDIE666 says:

    The only thing I enjoyed in this vid is the hot chick on the table… XD

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