Man Stroke Woman – Golf Pool Lesson with subtitles

A clip from man stroke woman. The man is teaching a woman of how to play the pool, but she’s pretty hard to learn and also have subtitleS!!!!

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  1. InimicaI says:

    bless you! lol

  2. TheDunceGroup says:

    she is so cute.

  3. lkjkorn19 says:

    I forgot to stand 😀 haha

  4. Attikussz says:

    she looks like she’s on opium…

  5. jessicancan91 says:

    what the fuck is wrong with the end? I nearly peed myself XD

  6. 45bang says:

    lol @ i forgot to stand

  7. TemarynnTambourine says:

    flambe snail suitcase ????? xD

  8. Tjellevejrup says:

    Love her to bits, so lovely..

  9. univurss says:

    id hit that.

  10. boogaloo80 says:

    Research the new world order.

  11. democrazy1987 says:

    she needs to TALK TO FRANK

  12. IeadbaIIoon says:

    with the pool cue.

  13. poonizzle says:

    @TemarynnTambourine part of another sketch, she broke up with him and he started crying his eyes out and said something that she didn’t understand so they spend the rest of the episode trying to figure out what it was

  14. Gellis2009 says:

    she is so fit

  15. Hotlantaa says:

    man she is cute but she would fucking piss me off lol.

  16. stokes91 says:

    don’t teach this woman how to shoot a gun

  17. Rachiejane1 says:

    I don’t get it – is she supposed to be mental…? Don’t understand…

  18. edenlock88 says:

    lol my fave part is when she falls! so funny!

  19. eddieinbeddie says:

    im brilliant at pool though i did invest in a pool table though no longer want it! anyone want a free pooltable?

  20. nixnix99 says:

    I want 1:53 of my life back 🙁

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