Lucile & Venom Pool Trick Shots (Video 49)

You like pool trick shots?You ‘ll just love this video: skill shots and set ups, lot of masses and all shots with a pretty girl..,It’s pool like you’ve never seen before! exhibition information:

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  1. chipper1050 says:

    Nice video venom, this is all professional stuff.

    Keep up the good work !

  2. h4l0h0l4 says:

    nice video again,… and congratulations for the girl 😛

  3. doud37000 says:

    merci pour cette superbe vidéo…la classe et très fun en plus.

  4. wwwPro9CoUk says:

    Just brilliant…. Another stunning effort!

  5. LoNgOtHeLeGeNd93 says:

    how do u think of all the shots???????

  6. kizheciozhec says:

    Encore une super vidéo vénom!décidément t’es trop bon!une petite rencontre serait la bien venue!!!
    a +

  7. h4l0h0l4 says:

    buenisimo, lastima que mucho humor no tiene la chica xD

  8. Sk8ing25379 says:

    awesome shots but tell the girl to stop staring at the camera the entire time while you shoot

  9. venomtrickshots says:

    thnks, i’ll tell her^^

  10. venomtrickshots says:

    dépend, tu habites ou?

  11. kizheciozhec says:

    salut Venom.J’habites dans la marne à épernay mais je fais mes études à Nancy. En plus ma copine habite dans les vosges à Raon l’étape , près de St Dié alors pas trop loin de chez toi.’j’attend ta réponse.A plus.


  12. venomtrickshots says:

    les vosges je connais pas trop mais j’y vais souvent en moto, donc un de ces week end pourquoi pas!!faudra s’organiser ça!

  13. kizheciozhec says:

    salut florian!je vais dans les vosges dans la semaine du 13 avril alors on a cas se faire ca durant cette semaine là!ou pendant le week-end.j’attend ta réponse.
    A +++

    Poolstriker(Moreira Jordan)

  14. fauxgt says:

    my cuestick is nicknamed lucille
    but nice vid man!

  15. CalebMabryProduction says:

    lol…you get that off of Fresh Prince of Bel air?

  16. fauxgt says:

    you are good, you’re the first one who knows that 😉

  17. jusjamn says:

    Uncle Phils pool cue lol

  18. m4ul3dup says:

    dude ur assistant is hot :L

  19. bloodyman62 says:

    hmmmmmmm h e has a insno hot chick in his room and all he wants to do i s play pool??????????????????????

  20. hacker8675309 says:

    Perfect woman wish mine liked pool

  21. Hacksforprizes says:

    bet u guys fuck on that table a lot

  22. KCMOify says:

    This guy must be a legend he is so fucking good at this!!

  23. wlogue90 says:

    your sister was fucking that table up

  24. forkwark says:

    very very hot the girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. poiazoo says:

    the mouth shot at the beginning is sick

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