LIttle Swimmers

DadLabs Ep. 289 The Lab – As the weather is getting warmer, we are all starting to think about going to the pool with the family. From the first lesson freak out to the humpty dumpty board, swim professor Don takes us through what to expect in your kids first swim lesson. From private swimming lessons to group sessions this episode offers some insight for the first time swimmer and his or her parents. So jump in and get wet because this weeks episode is sure to have you in aquatic state of mind. This video brought to you by Meridian Energy Systems.

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  1. ALIENstupid says:

    hi dadyz

  2. Ryvienna says:

    How neat!! I actually never had formal instruction. I just kind of fell into the river while I was fishing with my stepdad.. that usually teaches you pretty quickly, or plants the desire to learn! (I wouldn’t make my kids do the same.. at least i know what to look for in swimming lessons, though)

  3. KatMomof3 says:

    One thing that helps kids learn on their own as kind of a pre-lesson learning, is the suits that have the foam in them. My daughter has one and she was swimming with her head up and under water even in it last year at age 3. We’ve gotten her another one for this year, but next year, we’ll let her use just a regular suit (she’ll be able to touch bottom in the shallow end by then) and get her lessons to learn the strokes and everything.

  4. DadLabs says:

    We’re big fans of “floaty suits” and have used them with all the kids as a transition. Really important is, like us, you swim at a pool that doesn’t have a shallow end where toddlers can stand.

  5. avdotiya says:

    i wish i could take those swim lessons when i was a kid… instead, my father used to through me in the water without any humpy-dumpy 🙁

  6. anonymus400 says:

    U guys are hilarious!I can’t believe you just have 100 views.U guys deserve more than that!Keep making more videos!

  7. DadLabs says:

    Thanks, we plan to. Season 3 starts next week. Upward from here!

  8. anonymus400 says:

    Good luck!-Person 1

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