Liason Scenes 2/26/2001: Part 3 of 3: The Pool Lesson

Liz & Jason discuss why she didn’t go after Lucky. Jason can’t understand why Liz wants to be w/Lucky; if Lucky asks her to do things she doesn’t want to do.

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  1. nl06421 says:

    I guess history repeats itself :)Now she telling a whopper of a lie.

  2. rlatson says:

    Old habits die hard..

  3. Logan86121 says:

    She looks really cute in a turtle neck. Exentituates her gorgeous face!

  4. MysticalEA says:

    I think they should grab the boys and ride away in the motorcycle with a side cart into the SUNSET!!!

  5. MWN22 says:

    screw lucky!!!!dirtbag, i wish he’d get run over by a train after a car crash, LOL. i hate the guy.

  6. maremare1225 says:

    “So you’re saying the only way to make this guy happy is to do something you don’t want to do? How fair is that to you?” Wow… he’s so wise.

  7. Logan86121 says:

    Yep that’s Quaterbrain, A real freaking genius. Hitting on some other guys girlfriend. Little weasel.

  8. maremare1225 says:

    Can you blame him for seeing what Lucky fails to see? ;o)

  9. ahiloos says:

    man Jason makes it hard for any women to leave lol

  10. angel85qcca says:

    I love the way he looks at her.

  11. liason6676 says:

    it’s sad how we have to watch old clips to see jason and liz together!!! the writers are such assholes!

  12. gegeekay says:

    LMAO! Thats hilarious! and would be awesome to see!

  13. MysticalEA says:


  14. ahiloos says:

    im telling u,hes got sum kinda spell over women lol

  15. MysticalEA says:

    yes, a yummy spell

  16. ruiz0313 says:

    Thanks for posting all these old clips, It is awesome to see how they first started

  17. moonkissedthesun says:

    this is just typical lucky, we’re seeing this all over again now on GH. Why would Lucky not want Liz to be friends with whomever, what a horrible boyfriend. We don’t see Liz doing that, and if she wasn’t forced to choose she wouldn’t have had to lie to him.

  18. dbarn671 says:

    ICAM Lucky’s a tool. He was a controlling jerk of boyfriend and didnt change a bit as a husband. Do you notice that its always Elizabeth that made the compromises or made the extra effort w LL2 (esp. after JJ)? And now he can sleep and date Sam (who has been a direct threat to the safety of her children) but Liz cant according to the POS. Ugggh loathe POS.

  19. RubyLovesTomDonnelly says:

    Liason LIason Liason equals Lovestory on gh~~~

    I miss them together.

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