Liason Scenes 2/23/2001: Part 2 of 3 : Pool Lesson

Lucky vs. Jason.. Liz takes a break from sketching & Jason teaches her pool. Lucky interrupts & flips out. Jason & Liz stick together & Lucky leaves alone.

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  1. austengirl73 says:

    He totally does!

  2. liasonBFF says:

    “Elizabeth’s big defender.” – Oh yeah, you better believe it Lucky!

  3. sheepdogusa says:

    i love jason’s face while this arse is standing there yapping. he’s thinking how stupid is this dude

  4. larm08 says:

    I am soooo glad she did no leave with him. I really wish that would have been the end of Liz/Lucky. What an abusive/codependent relationship.

  5. emilyej2 says:

    Also, right before he smells her hair Liz looks at his arm as he puts it down next to her’s like oh man is this great!!

  6. MaximumRideChick3 says:

    Luckys and ass!

  7. MaximumRideChick3 says:


  8. dbarn671 says:

    Lucky is such a jerk. Could anyon deny the Liz is relaxed and happy with Jason? Lucky just browbeats and bullies her into doing what he wants. Still does it today.

  9. mervln2 says:

    If you had your choice between JASON and (stupid) Lucky, who would you pick? Come on Liz, that’s a no brainer!!!!!

  10. Liason83 says:

    omg Jason was totally lovin his arms around her and smelling her hair @ 1:30..

  11. Godwill3 says:

    is it me or is his eyes like Hypnotic to the point where you only stare at his eyes the whole scene?

  12. pwrmom2 says:

    Liz with a backbone against Lucky…so rare during this time.

  13. MSAMYGURLY says:

    I love it! I want another Liason hair sniff! LOL!!

  14. GHLiason13 says:

    back then i would have had to tell her: use your back bone! it’s a litle thing called your spine, you ain’t no jelyfish, you do have one!
    and at least in THIS scene she has a…..starting spine. it’s like she can’t completely stand up for herself, but she won’t roll over and play dead like she does every other time lucky says so! these years were simply infuriating!

  15. moonkissedthesun says:

    Lucky is the same jerk now as he was back then to Liz. Always making her choose between her friends and him and especially Jason who is super hot and great for Liz. I think when Jonathan Jackson was playing Lucky, those were the best of him and he wasn’t such a jerk face.

  16. u2ubejunkie34 says:

    Yeah, this was Lucky’s dark period. If I remember correctly, Lucky was kidnapped by Helena Casadine, and she brainwashed him. He’s never been the same since.

  17. wheelersgurl0788 says:

    I hated how controlling lucky was and still is he annoy’s the hell out of me and he is so slow on everything I don’t see what liz saw in him I would kick his ass to the curb and go somewhere with jason hahahaha

  18. journey1186 says:

    u know in these videos from what i’m seeing lucky is like jealous of liz and jason’s connection

  19. silverwolf30 says:

    lucky never learned that the more he tried to control liz the more she wanted to be with jason

  20. Bubblesb6 says:

    is it just me or doesn’t it look like Jason is smelling Elizabeth’s hair at 1:29 I just noticed that

  21. dbarn671 says:

    Its not just you, he does that here and in the balcony scenes.

  22. ZegetaX1 says:

    luckys and abusive ass who looks like he beats women

  23. queenofspades84 says:

    Wow Lucky was good at twisting things around..i have a friend her bf is just like this…

  24. Wheresallthelove says:

    Lawwwwwd I love it when he sniffs her hair. 😀 Liason were so amazing back then. They totally screwed them over. *sigh*

  25. sweetophe says:

    @Wheresallthelove I have watch this scene a 100 time and tonight is the first time i realize that he smell her hair omg i cannot believe i miss that.I love my liason scenes i miss them together GH sucks without them.

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