Learn to Play Pool in Ten Minutes — billiards instruction

A short introduction to the fundamentals of pool (pocket billiards)

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  1. hubertandclyde says:

    @Cjpone I know, haha. It’s not like he filmed different parts on different days or anything.

  2. ShitU2 says:

    awwww a room with an electronic station, a piano and a pool table!! every electrical engineer’s wet dream!

  3. 5ra4ka says:

    Very good video and very helpfully!!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

  4. paroxysm419 says:

    The perfect introduction to pool. I have played for years to learn what I could have in 10 minutes if only I watched this video. Well done.

  5. Priceless21 says:

    Very helpful. Now for some shots of what it looks like down the pool cue to hit the coloured ball in. I want to see which way it goes and what to aim for looking straight down it.

  6. AlTarik says:

    I’m an amateur but I learn again from this guy….very good video….and really recommended for beginners..

  7. Pazimierz007 says:

    ‘I hope you enjoyed this little introduction’
    sure thing I did! thnks for it!

  8. GrizzlyKid34 says:

    Very Nice

  9. NIKHIL2567 says:

    Seriously nice one..!!

  10. TheEddie87 says:

    This was excellent. I am not good at pool but I enjoy the game and it is very frustrating not knowing the basics. Thank you for your video, I definitely learned a couple things I will put into practice.

  11. salinabear says:

    great video! I learned a lot

  12. laurenmegane says:

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  13. bestace83 says:

    good video

  14. k2skater319 says:

    does that chalk come off?

  15. dilsamrat07 says:

    awesome tutorial for beginners.. Thanks man!!

  16. llx2o1 says:

    @k2skater319 i dont think the table has any cloth on..so its prob the same as a BLACK BOARD.

  17. shadowmario321 says:

    what is the normal pool table size 7ft 8 ft or 9ft

  18. k2skater319 says:

    @llx2o1 ohhh well that looks like cloth to me.

  19. fathimajersy says:

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  20. nNorthWestern says:

    @shadowmario321 for english pool official tournament size is 7ft and they range from 6-8, american pool offical tournament size is 9ft and they range from 7-9

    english pool table has tighter pockets and they have different profile

  21. SerenityIsTheMan says:

    3:12 – 3:14 how did you change your clothes so fast? I MUST KNOW!

  22. MrHamidreza7 says:

    This gentleman is a pool master and a great teacher.

  23. POVPOOL says:

    I like this guy… Who is he? What’s his name?

  24. unl3ash says:

    Thanks for the video!

  25. Mrmoc7 says:

    Thank you.

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