Jon “Short Shooter” Davies. Pool Trick Shots. No 1.

Pool / Billiards Trick Shots. By UK Tour Player, Jon Davies. The Short Shooter. Worlds Best Pool trick shot Video!

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  1. thedoooood says:

    very very very nice , good camera and good tricks , check out mine please and dont be harsh

  2. shooterTV says:

    Thanks mate!
    Yours is good also.
    Nice masse’s.

  3. williamdk1 says:

    nice… check out my new vid… click my name

  4. xboxx999 says:


  5. kolaas2006 says:

    The “double kiss” was great! And the curve was excellent as well. However one of the trickshots I like best on youtube is Tim Chins final shot (check at: youtubeurl: watch?v=NcnoaEsEz7E) If you can do that one… respect!

  6. dabestracedriver2k8 says:

    what’s the second song by elvis presley?

    and by the way you are so amazing at trickshots!

  7. shooterTV says:

    It’s called “A Little Less Conversation”
    It is from one of his films!
    This version was remixed by “JXL” a few years ago.
    It made No.1 in the UK charts.

  8. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    you heard the music artist! go jonny go, go!
    Your really good.

    Check out my videos if you have the time 🙂

  9. shooterTV says:

    Go Man Go!
    I checked yours out, pretty good!
    But whats with the cueball?
    Is it a look a like tennis ball or baseball or something?

  10. jonnybinthemix says:

    Definatley Jon….

    Come on messenger when you get a minute and we’ll arange a game if you want 🙂 i still got all my sticks! 😀

  11. shooterTV says:

    Ok Jonny boy!
    Will do!
    Take it easy mate!

  12. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Excellent brotha..5 Stars !!!

  13. shooterTV says:

    Cheers Mate!

  14. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Hey question, are you a AP touring pro that competes within the USA ?

  15. shooterTV says:

    No such luck!!!!
    I’ve played many pro-am comps in the USA including the Florida Tour Stop, but never played regularly on the tour.
    mostly play pro-am’s in the UK.
    I’m currently playing on the GB9ball tour.

  16. 123pooltricks says:


  17. CalebChrisMabry says:

    That’s awesome man!!
    You gotta love simonis 860!! Lol…


    wow,very nicely put together video.allthe shots were awesome,do you compete in artistic pool tournaments?or do you just play nine ball and do trickshots for fun?5/5 for sure check mine out if you have a chance.

  19. jburkhammer says:

    Very nice stuff….I just saw Machine Gun Lou do an exhibition Saturday, his last one, I will try and post it this evening…He did the over and under, but says its actually called an “under…over…and under”

  20. shooterTV says:

    That description is a bit more accurate!! lol!
    Thanx for the comment!

  21. MotownShaker says:

    You should try out in snooker tourniments lol with that spin

  22. jsjksmskasmans says:

    nice shots bro

    keep it up

  23. shooterTV says:

    Yeah dude! spot on.
    Trick shots are just for fun.
    9ball is where it’s at!
    I checked yours out, very good, keep ’em coming!

  24. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    We should meet and play, we don’t live far apart 🙂

  25. peoplemakingvideos says:

    someone tell me how to curve the ball like in the beginning it never works for me

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