Johnny Archer What’s in the Case

Johnny Archer What’s in the Case – Professional pool player Johnny Archer shows Samm Diep what’s in his case. See more at

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  1. Maincontrol999 says:

    haha in Earl Strickland case are a snake, a machingun, and like thounsand cue, because he need backup for the jump cue, extension cue, bridge cue, break cue, play cue, etc…. Ah AND is a one cue more for break in the head of someone like referi sharks

  2. Maincontrol999 says:

    after mosconi incident people will know what i talk

  3. deese8899 says:

    johnny too much acid back in the day..”reaaal psycidelic maaan!” HAHA but does he play with a scorpion cue?? wow..anyone else ever touched one of those cheap ass cues?? worse then a cuetec…i feel sorry for johnny!

  4. pigdisposal says:

    he doesnt make nough money playing in tournaments to be picky about his sponsers.

  5. earthspawn says:

    I’ll tell you what Strickland carries in his case:
    -his playing cue
    -pool glove
    -baseball glove
    -tennis glove
    -Michael Jackson’s glove
    -Psychedelic sunglasses
    -Raw meat
    -A live panther
    -A langolier
    -One or two bottles of bad temper enhancer
    -Pure caffeine
    -Ipod with Rammstein and Disturbed music
    -Masters chalk
    -and a gnome.

  6. nugget147 says:

    Johnyy has a very attractive wife there…how’d he manage that?

    Well done.

  7. Andyman3k says:

    Where is his tip scuffer, shaper and extra tips???

  8. L19u1d0s says:

    LOL that’s I always knew that :-)))
    Anyway he is one of the best poolplayers ever lived.

  9. earthspawn says:

    Most of us, I bet. LoL

  10. bANDynamiTe says:

    you’re 100% right =)

  11. abard21 says:

    Awesome player. I watched him in Nashville.

  12. ZzCalebzZCM says:

    Dude, I literally just laughed for 5 minutes straight… You’re freaking hilarious! HAHAHA!!

  13. palmer3977 says:

    i like archer, hes a total gentleman & conducts himself in a professional manour at all times, earl could do well to emulate him & not be an arse all the time

  14. therenegadefilmer says:

    What coincidence, he uses a lot of powder and I sell a lot of powder. I think I should sponsor him…

  15. xPULPxVELVETx says:


  16. 850kell531 says:

    @earthspawn i laughed so hard i peed

  17. xMehL says:

    every pool player being asked “what’s in the case?” should just say DOOM 😉

  18. fmxperson says:

    i have the break cue he has but it is a 3 peice break/jump and it is veerrry good at both.

  19. jdmimport13 says:

    @earthspawn HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. GetMeThere1 says:

    @earthspawn : I think you forgot: an AK-47 and a cottonmouth snake.

  21. earthspawn says:

    @GetMeThere1 Actually it was a black mamba, but you where close. hahahahaha

  22. GetMeThere1 says:

    @earthspawn : Well, I just thought, given Earl’s southern origins, that he might have a fondness for the cottonmouth. But as far as temperament goes, you’re right: black mamba’s are known as one of the most INSANELY aggressive poisonous snake species…and in that sense they’re reminiscent of Earl.

  23. simion11 says:

    Johnny “The Chalk Thief” Archer

  24. jmeniluap08 says:

    @simion11 “The Chalk Snatcher” lol

  25. CBOrion21 says:

    @Cityshamaani I know what’s in earl’s case – a bottle, rattle and passy. 🙂

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