Johnny Archer v Nick Varner 8-Ball at Galveston World Classic

Johnny Archer v Nick Varner 8-Ball at Galveston World Classic – Captured Live on Ustream at

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  1. justinebilliard says:

    I enjoyed this video very much. I like what the commentators said about having a video of players that have to lay out a table and we can see what order they are planning and how often it changes based on cue control and be able to hear their thoughts or see it on over-write on the table with a diagram drawn for each shots. That would be very cool for those of use that are watching to see the top players thoughts on patterns etc. Thanks for the great video. Dave Justine

  2. jaybanthony says:

    it’s brutal watching johnny play…he’s great but damn is he fucking slow!!!

  3. lemonite1 says:

    @jaybanthony How do you think Varner feels? Usually, archer doesn’t play this slow.

  4. sgdevilzz says:

    holy shit, 2 hours.

  5. aznelf13 says:

    @jaybanthony any longer he’ll probably be Ralf Souquet lawlz, but souquet is my man, just too good

  6. godblessjackie says:

    varner staring down the host at 1:30!

  7. brandman97 says:

    @godblessjackie lol wooow i woulda done the same so its what ever

  8. DepressedBatman says:

    i just wanna say i got a really big penis and can suck my own dick..and i farted extremly´╗┐ loud and shit came out ,,now its in my pants can anyone help me??

  9. rams25 says:

    wtf are katrina dollars

  10. Mervynlimbingyun says:

    Johnny Archer, definitely a nominee for slowest player of the century.. but his good..

  11. Hineteel says:

    where is 2x button ? )))

  12. TeenyTiny945 says:

    I turned off my cell phone while watching this video ­čśë

  13. TeenyTiny945 says:

    I love pool

  14. outdriftU says:

    This is why people only like 9 ball they need to post some exciting 8 ball


    Nick is looking weathered………..


    Nick is looking weathered……… where near the money pay-out the scammer promotors posted was going to be payed out, alot of pro’s are pissed………..

  17. phillydollar says:

    katrina dillars wtf he handed him his as((

  18. 400timesmore says:

    Johnny once played once rack of 8-ball for 3:42 hours

  19. wamaral89 says:

    slow but yet playing about perfect 8 ball

    were him slower he may haven’t missed that 15 ball

    and the game is becoming at such level that any miss may means defeat

    almost perfect breaks as well

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