Johnny Archer v Larry Nevel 8-Ball Galveston World Classic

Johnny Archer v Larry Nevel 8-Ball Galveston World Classic – Captured Live on Ustream at

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  1. highshooter420 says:

    Great game. That bottom right pocket will haunt Larrys’ dreams though.

  2. oystersandpool says:

    true that. Thanks so much for the posts!!

  3. badboyrdam says:

    Nice video , Thank you 🙂

  4. Feelyums says:

    wow Highshooter you are right, that darn pocket just kept spittin ’em out. But what I want to know is how did that table have any felt left on it at all as much as Archer was picking on it? Haha

  5. NewSoundMagazine says:

    I love the commentating… especially the coughing. /// But really – I’d love to see the pros play more 8-ball. I think most everyone would.

  6. NewSoundMagazine says:

    I can’t believe I watched the Whooooollllll thing. What a snooze-fest!!! Where’s the shot-clock!?!?!?

    The problem with pool is that no-one gives a damn about the fans!!

  7. vher143 says:

    I wish jhony Archer could play a little bit more quicker, his to slow,

  8. LLcoolVlado says:

    no kidding. he spends more time cleaning the table that actually shooting.

  9. 3isco says:

    hurry up johnny,,,,,i hate slow players

  10. tjballin247 says:

    thanks for the video very educational with Nick Varner commentating its awesome to be able to observe the layout from his perspective but damn johnny plays slow i only play like that when im stoned lol maybe he is to it helps me get into a zone on the table

  11. vetman1985 says:

    I actually had the privilege of watching johnny play 9 ball locally where i live. He’s quite impressive even while playing fast. He shot quite quickly and still ran 3-4 9 ball racks in a row. Although he is playing quite slow here and is somewhat boring, consider he is playing in a very important tournament where 1 mistake can cost you multiple racks. I’m sure the felt picking is partially due to nervousness as well. If you were in johnny’s shoes you would want to make each shot count as well.

  12. gbk11887 says:

    johnny is known for being a methodical player. he speed varies depending on the game and table (and he very well could be stoned here, met him at snookers in r.i. and got to know him a bit). you got to do what you got to do to settle them nerves!

  13. LeonFleisherFan says:

    Love Nick’s commentary, his all-around knowledge of the game obviously being second to none. Some great shooting and some horrible misses here (including with ball in hand!) – of course we have all been there, so no disrespect for either of these great players.

  14. LeonFleisherFan says:

    Johnny’s become extremely methodical indeed, however, on the plus side, I must admit that he makes several perfect kick shots that one must admit that without getting a “feel” and Zen-like mental picture of each one them, no one, including the best kick shot players, would come quite so close to, so the bottom line may be as Nick Varner suggests in the commentary, that it’s a trade-off. Having said that, I’m not sure Nick underestimates the advantages of a fast(er) rhythm.

  15. Damnayshun says:

    Man, Larry really plays conservatively in tournaments compared to how he plays in person. He plays extremely aggressive safeties and two-way shots if he can’t (or just doesn’t want to) run out and he strokes everything like a monster, much more firmly than we see here. These were a couple of shots in this video that I’ve seen him drain with much more stroke to break out a worse cluster of balls while I was playing him. I’m not saying he played poorly, it was just weird to see the disparity.

  16. GetMeThere1 says:

    Geez. Can’t believe at about 49:30 he had to play safe position after shooting the 8! Sure, you can say it’s a good idea (and it WOULD have saved him if he happened to miss the 8), but obsessing like that too much can also make you miss shots that you wouldn’t otherwise.

  17. fruitmaze says:

    Thanks for uploading this match! Interesting commentating!

  18. gwizzle1 says:

    part of going slow has to do with how fast the rhythm of his opponent is.All part of the master plan of a master player

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