Johnny Archer v Cary Dunn at the Super Billiards Expo

Johnny Archer v Cary Dunn at the 2009 Super Billiards Expo. The live stream was made possible by TAP League (, Lucasi Hybrid (http Gambler Clothing ( and Inside POOL Magazine (http High Quality DVDs of this and other matches will be available at

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  1. dermagische says:

    Tournaments are allways played on 9ft tables.

  2. magikman38 says:

    it means only fouls related to the cue ball count. basically the only that aren’t fouls in that format are fouls related to accidently touching or moving an object ball

  3. MidwestStroke says:

    depends what kind of tournament it is

  4. maori500 says:

    does this go for an hour?

  5. whateverum says:

    This is Pool not Billards, moron

  6. whateverum says:

    What’s wrong with these idiots? How long does it take to put a freaking ball on the table. Stop taking an hour to adjust the effing ball.

  7. whateverum says:

    These guys suck. How many shots did they miss?

  8. whateverum says:

    What’s wrong with this Archer guy? So many nervous ticks. Take some medication, dude.

  9. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    Hey DUDE( calabunga man surfs up DUDE….. U FUCKING TOOL) u must not watch Johnny Archer much…he always pick at stuff its the way he plays…always has. And when he gets goin he ticks like a watch…a fine swiss watch..and they r some of the best watches in the world!!! So if i was u…i’d consider yourself TOLD!!! 😛

  10. whateverum says:

    You need to get your GED fast. Looks like you grew up on the streets hustling. Maybe like Archer, the walking Mr. Ticks.

  11. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    Anyway ain’t got time to go arguing wit children……….

  12. whateverum says:

    Sure you do. You just did.

  13. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    No I wasn’t arguing, I was TELLING you. Notice how I said “consider yourself TOLD”!!!

  14. whateverum says:

    You must have a double digit I.Q. Excuse me , but if I don’t agree with you and we keep going back and forth, it’s called arguing, moron. I thought you said, you didn’t have time? See what I mean? Go get your GED.

  15. ece15757 says:


  16. perfectshot77 says:

    Just play who makes the last ball on the table wins just leave the 10 ball down in all situations. The 10 ball is no longer a win you have to run all the balls every game, if the 10 ball combo doesn’t lead to a win because you lose the object ball in the process don’t shoot it just like any other combo that doesn’t necceseraly lead to a win unless your lucky. Trying to change the game for the better.

  17. fastrt007 says:

    Archer scares me

  18. perfectshot77 says:

    If your absolutely tired of not seeing enough billiards on ESPN make a complaint. Here’s where you make the complaint go to: ESPN feedback.

  19. crusader584 says:

    did it take a long time to upload this?

  20. roberto121395 says:

    lol 2 hour vid

  21. ffm205 says:

    omg this video is loong

  22. danielkirk1 says:

    Diamond make beautiful tables! Keep watching the table while they think of thier shot lol. Thank you sponsors for this free stream.

  23. TheBatchGuy says:

    I’m going to watch all of this… While listening to Rammstein… “Er koennte etwas groesser sein.” Yes. Steck Bratwurst in dein Sauerkraut. Yum.

  24. phixxwutwut says:

    @whateverum looool

  25. perfectshot77 says:

    Johnny “the picker” Archer

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