John Schmidt vs Corey Deuel Finals Diamond Players Championship

John Schmidt vs Corey Deuel in the finals of the Players Championship at the Super Billiards Expo. See more at commentary provided by World Champion Thorsten Hohmann and Joey Aguzin. The video was produced by Spheragon Entertainment.

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  1. de23Emil says:


  2. darklengend44 says:

    how did you go over the limit?

  3. copernikuz says:

    sehr schönes und abwechslungsreiches spiel. Sehr beruhigend zu sehen das auch den ‘pros’ die gleichen fehler machen, die mir, in den Ligaspielen, selber unterlaufen.
    interessanter cokommentar von hitman Thorsten Hohmann !

    5 *****

  4. italiombiano says:

    great video guys!

  5. xristofisg3 says:

    thanks Thorsten Hohmann for your wise words on playing

  6. italiombiano says:

    wow man Corey was making some crazy mistakes in the beginning, ive only seen the first hour but wow i can’t believe he’s making some of the mistakes hes making

  7. cuetable says:

    Big thanks to Thorsten and Joey for the kind words. We are dedicated to help all players bring new visions in playing their best pool!

    Also thanks all the sponsor of this video production for putting a great show together!

    Wei – CueTable

  8. Myrtle04 says:

    Billiard Club network has a deal as a producer to have bigger vids

  9. fuckyouall10123 says:

    hes cool like that lol

  10. 5ballcharlie says:

    yes even the pros miss too

  11. 5ballcharlie says:

    damn ball skid on corey on last rack cost him the tournament.

  12. benhesford says:

    Yeah, but this video is from Inside Pool Mag.

  13. Maincontrol999 says:

    haha that was great.

  14. Maincontrol999 says:

    Great match, i like that won who won.

  15. sc4rygary says:

    CDLG is ridiculously hot!

  16. perfectshot77 says:

    Just play who makes the last ball on the table wins just leave the 10 ball down in all situations. The 10 ball is no longer a win you have to run all the balls every game, if the 10 ball combo doesn’t lead to a win because you lose the object ball in the process don’t shoot it just like any other combo that doesn’t necceseraly lead to a win unless your lucky.

  17. MafiaWarsPro1 says:

    What is GDLG?

  18. losdilla says:

    Thorstens outlook on the game of pool is fantastic. Listen to the pro and learn.

  19. o0J4Y0o says:

    i don’t like Schmidt’s stroke, i don’t know, it just feels weird. hes a good player tho, no dissing, just personal opinion.

  20. Armed24seven says:

    I was wondering the same thing, but its CDLG.. still want to know

  21. Armed24seven says:

    what is CDLG?

  22. TeenyTiny945 says:

    it happens to the best of us. when your not shooting in your comfort zone your stroke becomes lack luster, and especially when you have a heavier cue like corey. He shoots with 21 ounce cue. He even told me thats one of the reasons why it takes him so long to get in stroke is because he shoots with a 21 ounce (heavy). I shoot 20 and I would agree it takes me a while till I feel comfortable

  23. MafiaWarsPro1 says:

    I’m guessing CD means Cory Deuel but I cant figure out the the LG stands for.

  24. eatdrt98 says:

    I want the Lucasi Hybrid model LHC-97 so bad. Looking at it on the net is like looking at PORN!! It’s beautiful and I hope my wife gets it for me for Christmas.

  25. onemorebrando says:

    this is a great match, thanks for the post.

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