John Schmidt v Earl Strickland at Super Billiards Expo

John Schmidt v Earl Strickland at Super Billiards Expo. Earl Strickland makes an incredible comeback.

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  1. vincentli520 says:

    Nice match!
    Earl made his come back!

  2. keira1412 says:

    Please dont describe a match too much

  3. Maincontrol999 says:

    keira what i do when i dont want to be spoiler is just dont watch comments and just see the match until the end see the comments, so dont read the folow: Earl is so fantastic the better player of all times.

  4. hiromitsu6295 says:


  5. nightmonkey85 says:

    Why does earl still stay on the table when he snookered his opponent though he didn’t made the 2 ball?

  6. Quatsch83 says:

    @nightmonkey85 I think they said it’s a new rule where if you miss and hook your opponent he can give it back to you. Unfortunately that takes away the 2-way shot but it also removes luck from the game, so there’s some trade off there…

  7. h2o4170 says:

    Wow I thought comments were supposed to be about the match.Dont fricken read em until you watch it

  8. asbani911 says:

    What year was this match played?

  9. DojiSan says:

    when did this take place?

  10. asbani911 says:

    Earl playing with a Meucci?

  11. phixxwutwut says:

    did he jump full table with his meucci?

  12. jdbankshot says:

    @asbani911 yeah, cuetec ditched him a couple years back. meucci makes a better cue, anyway. i think janet shimel was tired of his” attitude”. i love the pearl. he’s got flair.

  13. steveo12301230 says:

    Sorry I don’t know the younger guy with the New York accent, but he’s a bit annoying and I think believes he knows a little to much. If this is onsetting you can come to Texas and try us out. Shane Van Boeing even come here for a about a year and a half. Skinny Bobs in Austin, 9 of the 16 top places in the BCA nations came from this ONE pool hall. Not even taking about Pro’s here. Sorry you all , I’m bored just talking a little shit, Love all you pool player, keep doing what you do.

  14. ghosthuntertango says:

    why would you read comments instead of the video description and worry about spoilers
    …what i just said might not have made much sense but damn

  15. afitzg02 says:

    @DoliSan: March of 2010

  16. onemorebrando says:

    Great match, Schmidt is an amazing player. But Earl is a great player.

  17. trob405 says:

    this took place march 2010. I was there.. 🙂

  18. poolcueman502 says:

    this is my opinion, as you wish. Earl Strickland is a perfectionist , slightly anal, speaks his mind. its sad u took a zero company and made them the number one selling cue in the nation as they pull the rug out (burn in hell cuetec ur sticks blow anyway) earl you keep saying what you want and stopping a game cuz of a piece of lint on the table. that makes you a razor sharp and smart pool player and that makes you top of the list player and entertainer of the game of pool period. play on sir

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