Jasmin Ouschan What’s in the Case?

Jasmin Ouschan What’s in the Case? Jasmin shows Samm Diep of Inside POOL what’s in her case. See more at www.insidepoolmag.com

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  1. Billiardfan5 says:

    Wow!She’s really prepared for pool.Love her cues:)

  2. Billiardfan5 says:

    She likes to play pool and shes hot.probably every male pool players dream…

  3. nazimaster123 says:

    hmmm clean the shaft lol

  4. trey85031 says:

    Marry me please!

  5. david9639 says:

    she can clean my my shaft anytime

  6. Kingbub09 says:

    Austrian chicks are the hottest!

  7. jeffytime says:

    Right, and Jasmin is kinda cute too! 😉

  8. EJConrad says:

    OMG this is great. pretty hot at the table too.

  9. JvdPoolchampion says:

    For the ones who don’t know it.. Jasmin is a lesbian..

  10. rams25 says:

    i call bs

  11. kisukez says:

    maybe there’s a dildo somewhere in the box too. haha.

  12. mKoala73 says:

    She don’t say that her playing cue is mezz ??

  13. Morrissey42 says:


    she did

  14. sYphon2K6 says:

    @kisukez …

  15. mKoala73 says:

    but like ducky811 we can find this cue on the webside of predator: Cues/retired/SE 11 …

    weird :-S

  16. nanostogie says:

    i like the way she talks

  17. electrifyed1 says:

    Awesome video, very informative and pays attention to her cues moreso than some of the other What’s in the Case videos I’ve seen. I like how she explains what gadgits do what. Thanks

  18. onemorebrando says:


  19. littlewing62 says:

    a girl with a stick.. sexy haha

  20. theblemishedone says:

    It’s official. Her pool case definitely doubles up as her purse.

  21. simion11 says:

    WTF is a sports jail? lol

  22. RushellCryshana says:

    Buy cheap dating solution gettop5.info

  23. steve6600 says:

    she makes me happy in pants.

  24. LeonFleisherFan says:

    Roll-on baby powder? Smart girl!

  25. paulchuckfred says:

    @theblemishedone my thoughts exactly……….wats in my cue, my stick, a piece of chalk, and 4 extra tips lol, plus something to rough up the tip hahaha

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