James Ballard Pool Tricks 1 – Ultimate Trick Shots

my (James Ballard) best pool trick shot video yet. Hope you all enjoy watching it. I used a Budweiser cue with an elkmaster tip.

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  1. flatcapdarryl says:

    very nice skills mate

  2. neally12345 says:

    y do u use kitchen roll

  3. thejamesballardman says:

    to try and save the felt from being ripped by hitting it to hard

  4. cybitz159 says:

    You should stop using illegal jump shots as they are likely to damage the felt almost as much as mase shots. Other then that, pretty good skills. 4/5

  5. bolter1010 says:

    I dont really think illegal trick shots really matter in all this, its all about the awesome shot, and there are loads of good ones, keep this shit up!!

  6. cybitz159 says:

    I wasn’t commenting so much about how they were illegal, more about how they would damage the felt because of how they’re performed.

  7. bolter1010 says:

    Oh yeah by the looks of it the felts pretty fucked, but its all good as long as he doesnt mind

  8. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Very nice. Its shows you put some effort into this one!


  9. theivaprakasham says:


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