Insane Pool Trick Shots

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  1. lacrosseguru89 says:

    0:25 sick!

  2. shadisc says:


  3. easkate2isawesome says:


  4. saveferris606 says:

    WOW! how has this not got more views, that trick shot with your t shirt was unbelievable but I just can’t see how you could have faked it. I BELIEVE!

  5. ROEDERBABY says:

    Your last trick was fucking amazing. Nice job there.

  6. pennogow says:

    haha love how you calmly put your cue down after 🙂

  7. tinman717 says:

    this is so awesome! how do you learn all this??

  8. KingOfThaTube says:

    LMAO i thought i was da only one dat was gonna say dat

  9. McJohnGr says:

    @shadisc your retardness is beyond any limit.

  10. sk8ersynistersean says:

    “Warning: Nothing to output BFrame Decoder lag”

  11. mehemehe123 says:

    I respect you so fucking much. Holy shit, imagine impressing the ladies with those at a pub 😉

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