How To Shoot Basic Shots In Pool

This is just a quick video i made teaching you how to shoot the basic shots of pool, and a little trick shot at the end. Enjoy!

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  1. XBuRieDA1iv3 says:

    Wow, you’re actually kinda good at pool. When’d you get a pool table?

  2. shoebox0000 says:

    pool tables r expensive..

  3. Ca1mLik3AB0mb says:

    true, though this isnt full size, not that exensive

  4. Ca1mLik3AB0mb says:

    love you too

  5. Kryssz4815 says:


    Good video. I rather like, if the camera shows the objectball closer at the shoot. The only thing I missed, the wall-shoot. (The cueball hits the wall first, then hits the objectball)

    Respect for your pool knowledge.

  6. amc072000 says:

    no 8ball though.stuck.

  7. Ca1mLik3AB0mb says:


  8. DemonicLegendX99 says:

    wow never gonna play u in pool again cuz i would get thrashed

    u destroyed me last time haha

  9. iehoshia says:

    was dat rili d ryt way 2 per4rm a jump shot???

  10. donkanonnji says:

    Hope I can get the hang of these by this weekend for a little contest I have with my friends. Thanks for the vid.

  11. ElitePioneer says:

    thx ur good vid helped a lot 🙂

  12. stuffiffffffffffffff says:

    Why the fuck do you type like that? Extremely difficult to understand what the fuck your saying.

  13. notor1ousguhmz says:

    Few things I noticed:

    1. Your bridge is weird but whatever floats your boat.
    2. Your pool table is smaller than standard.
    3. The last shot is illegal

  14. aznelf13 says:

    he’s doing the ghetto(novice) bridge

    the pool table is smaller and it will screw with a person’s playing style since i know from experience,

    the last shot is not a jump shot, it is a scoop shot and is not legal as notor said, it will result as a found, not a good vid to learn billiards from

  15. BTC141 says:

    The only criticism I have wih this vid is the last shot. If you used this shot in a contest you would be disqualified. You’re supposed to hit the cue ball from a 45 degree angel somewhere near the top and side of the ball. The downward force of the pool stick will pop the cue ball up and over at an angel if you hit it hard enough. With some practice anyone can do it.

  16. colomblanco says:

    Looks like Andrew needs some instruction himself. Garbage.

  17. Ca1mLik3AB0mb says:

    lol who is this?

  18. xXxadam5xXx says:

    if you really want to learn how to play pool look up forcefollow….id suggest that the guy in the video do the same thing cause i bet that it took like 20 tries to make all of those shots. Your bridge is terrible. your stroke is terrible. the table you are playing on is no more than 6 feet when real competition tables are 9 feet. and last but certainly not least the jump shot that you performed was not a jump but rather a scoop. a real jump is downward force to the center of the cue ball

  19. storewisher says:

    If you think you can shoot good pool, then you haven’t had much experience!

  20. BEATNIKCASS says:

    if i had not watched this old dude would not have learned how to jump the black ball today as i was worried about damaging cloth—-so thanks kid.

  21. BEATNIKCASS says:

    @BEATNIKCASS …….but i learned it was a foul…..but thanks for trying.

  22. 274DLUKZ says:

    Are Jump Shots illegal?? I use to do those shots but someone told me it was an illegal move and the cue ball must stay on the table? anyone know if this is true or false?

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