How to Play Pool : Tips on Executing a Pool Shot: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

Learn how to execute a pool shot and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson. Expert: Richard Garcia Bio: Richard has been an avid pool player for the past 25 years and has played in competitively since 1993. He has finished in the top ten percentile in the world. Filmmaker: Juan-Diego Garcia

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  1. Drunkenher0 says:

    yea, but the cueball still went into the corner pocket….

  2. Drunkenher0 says:

    u know it lol

  3. ImSo78 says:

    So what? If you listen to what he is saying you may learn something and make things like that not happend ..

  4. gtq838 says:

    I’m really sick of these expert village videos wasting the search results… they should call it intermediate village… or half ass video quality village

  5. yowobro says:

    cue ball went into the corner pocket hahaha

  6. BClub says:

    Check out Pool’s TV Network.

  7. ultimatezone1 says:

    i want to find a video that says good techniques on how to pocket the ball

  8. flyfly4u says:

    what are the things like “corner pocket” and stuff?

  9. CThockey9 says:

    haha and he scratched after all that

  10. SimeonK says:

    haha yeah

  11. steven0richardsen says:

    i bet he potted the white hehe

  12. bfmv7nor says:

    lol, was thinking the same xD

  13. unfathomableinquiry says:

    Fewer suggestions and more action. Frankly, little has changed from online lessons. Too much damned talking. Just picture verbal dihareya.

  14. unfathomableinquiry says:

    This fucking hooligan repeated himself like every two seconds. It took him fucking 3 minutes to shoot a ball. Shut your mouth and shoot the ball. We heard you the first time bitch!

  15. andresrojas22 says:

    i tought he never shoot

  16. CallmeMell says:

    this mexican football ads are so annoying

  17. saitokasuza says:

    your playing with and showing bad habits to beginners…
    pick up bad habits in the begining and u’ll never get rid of them!
    just my 2cents

  18. 12stefy says:

    @gtq838 yea you’re right expert village sometimes really annoys me

  19. Dannnneh says:

    I got to this from a Team Fortress 2 video…

  20. knockoffnigel123 says:

    and then he pots the white

  21. sazkwatch says:


  22. gulp2073 says:

    jerk off

  23. gulp2073 says:


  24. gtq838 says:

    @12stefy mostly because I’ve yet to find a single expert. I saw an expert village telling you how to dress for a job interview and the guy was wearing black pants brown shoes white socks a coloured button down shirt and a goofy tie that was tied incorrectly. good way to dress for mcdonalds thats about it. this guy isn’t qualified to give pool lessons to beginners because he is a beginner. he may have been playing for a long time but has obviously never learned the basic correctly.

  25. picashit says:

    Either he has a sore throat or he’s wearing some unseenable muffler

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