How to Play Pool : Tips on Breaking in the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

Learn how to cue break and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson. Expert: Richard Garcia Bio: Richard has been an avid pool player for the past 25 years and has played in competitively since 1993. He has finished in the top ten percentile in the world. Filmmaker: Juan-Diego Garcia

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  1. 95camarov6 says:

    In nine ball generally a 9 on the break is a win unless specifically stated otherwise. In money games often people will choose to play “Call Nine” where the nine ball made without calling a pocket is not a win but rather a re-spot of the nine.

  2. jonnyjhiad says:

    Watch close, he scratches during the break, lol tool!!!

  3. MiniAgger says:

    you scrached the cue ball you twat next time do what your trying to tell us to do

  4. darkrai1174 says:

    stupid village

  5. slavetothenoise says:

    this dude instills zero confidence

  6. DopeMcDoperson says:


  7. lemonite1 says:

    Watch Buddy Hall’s tips on breaking. He shows how the 1 can go in the side or the wing ball goes in the corner pocket. He describes the cut break, with position on the 1, breaking from the box, breaking from the center etc…

  8. kevinmegen says:

    nice scratch 🙂

  9. TheSilentTube says:


  10. 7djoliver7 says:

    en español!!

  11. MrBeachyspuds says:

    First of all that was a shitty 9ball break and secondly I never seen anyone break on an extra piece of cloth,I have seen it when players practice jumps and masses to prevent divits in the felt.ahh what do I know this guy is an expert.ha ha lmfao

  12. malditocagon says:

    the white ball fell in to the stupid hole ….. wth

  13. lenmarchant says:

    mr beachspuds do you not know what the hell a break cloth is for? if you dont you need to quit the game immediately

  14. ChrisZamoraTV says:

    pues entonces yo creo que tendrias que buscarlo en español

  15. maricristinacastel says:

    @7djoliver7 mira, he estado buscando instructivos en Youtube sobre billar y la verdad no he encontrado, solo algunos videos de amigos se burlan de las bobadas que hacen cuando juegan. Así que es complicado encontrarlos, como se suele decir esto es lo que hay, o lo que te queda es aprender billar e inglés a la vez! XD

  16. blo0dy says:

    you suck.

  17. JIPPIX94 says:

    i would kicck your ass at pool richard 😛

  18. thecrazymaster says:

    looool the white is in :D:D

  19. fullclip16117 says:

    LOL, This guy sucks.

  20. dougiepoolable says:

    richards a fuckin ass!

  21. lionelishere says:

    id get a book if i wanted t read thumbs down

  22. xXxadam5xXx says:

    if you really want to learn how to break look for a guy named wu chai ching….he is a pro player and he has the most controlled power break you will ever see!

  23. acebulf says:

    why is there a big wall of text?

  24. AllCeylon says:

    Does anybody see anything ?

  25. xXxadam5xXx says:

    i could run this guy out 10 times out of 10…

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