How to Play Pool : Three Basic Strokes in the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

Learn the basic strokes in pool and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson. Expert: Richard Garcia Bio: Richard has been an avid pool player for the past 25 years and has played in competitively since 1993. He has finished in the top ten percentile in the world. Filmmaker: Juan-Diego Garcia

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  1. screenday1 says:

    lol if you cant make the draw shot first try, dont try to teach someone how to shoot pool

  2. sazkwatch says:

    duhhhhhhhhhhhhh which way did he go georgeeee…….. which way do he go….

  3. hondannyboy says:

    Nice basics, very useful

  4. KingMaulz says:

    anyone else notice the purlple switch to a orange ball on the last shot..

    guys a hack shouldnt be teaching.

  5. BahoUtot says:

    I love the balls, they change colors with the mood. The ball @ 2:16 was probably laughing it’s ass off at this vid.

  6. hrk4evr says:

    poor quality………

  7. Dacosss91 says:

    what a noob, he probably tried 100 times until he didnt do it!

  8. wwfcbrad says:

    i cant see afucking thing

  9. xXLuvatasticXx says:

    Expert Village is so Lame…….Cant bliv dey switched it…….Morons!

  10. Vorbis5 says:

    I wish english was his first language

  11. MiK3i says:

    is there any point at all in the subtitles?

  12. youngfred116 says:

    for this to be an expert village video it sucked ass. Damn couldn’t hear it and wtf with all the words on the screen.

  13. morgan2211 says:

    too many captions, i can’t see shit :/

  14. adiroks9 says:

    @urbantricker how to remove these titles i cantt see anything

  15. urbantricker says:

    @adiroks9 Go to your YouTube account settings, you can hide annotations in there.

  16. jason08233 says:

    when i made the bottom hit the cue ball alway jump up i dont know what happen?

  17. 98nfsmw98 says:

    @Dacosss91 Lol, hes not a noob. In 1990 he ranked in the top 10 of billiards.

  18. momo87205 says:

    1 year ago

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  19. jamesagent86 says:

    thanks< now i can scratch better

  20. TheANYMOOSE says:

    Why would you want the cue ball to go in the pocket?

  21. greentealovin says:

    @jason08233 You Hit The Cue Ball WAY Too Low, To The Point That The Tip Of The Cue Is, Or Almost Is Touching The Table. When You Do That, It Jumps. What You Did Was A Jump Shot.

    TIP: To Do Better Back-spin Shots, Make Your Bridge A Little Higher, And Hit At The Bottom Of The Cue Ball At A Slight Angle. This Makes More Backspin, And There’s A Lower Chance Of A Jump-Shot Happening.

  22. coopm12 says:


    Actually, what you described above is not a jump shot, it is what’s called a ‘carry’, and is not a legal shot in tournament play. A true jump shot is only legal (in tournament play) when you strike down on the cue ball from above, driving the ball down into the table and causing it to basically rebound upward and hopefully towards the object ball. If you perform this shot the way you describe, you lose your shot and your opponent gets ball in hand.

  23. msgenting says:


  24. ulavasty says:

    @arminask haha

  25. greentealovin says:

    @coopm12 Ah, You’re Right! Sorry, I Mis-typed What I Was Trying To Say. Thanks For Correcting Me! So Yes, To Prevent For A Carry From Happening, Refer To My Previous Comment 😀

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