How to Play Pool : How to Rack Pool Balls: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

Learn how to rack pool balls and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson. Expert: Richard Garcia Bio: Richard has been an avid pool player for the past 25 years and has played in competitively since 1993. He has finished in the top ten percentile in the world. Filmmaker: Juan-Diego Garcia

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  1. BClub says:

    Check out Pool’s TV Network.

  2. pietdeurloo says:

    good video learned another thing about pool thanks buddy!!!!!

  3. pietdeurloo says:

    please shut the fuck up cunt!!!!!

  4. DumbestCrayon says:

    Nice reply to something that is 3 months old…wa wa wa waaaaa…..

  5. blinkfialdo says:

    che cagata

  6. 95camarov6 says:

    One thing I see a lot of beginning players do is rack the balls in order (1, 2-3, 4-9-5, 6-7, 8) this is a big mistake. When a good shooter breaks He would be likely to leave the 1, 2, and 3 at the same end of the table making the run-out easier. if you make him have to travel from one end of the table to the other for the 2 or the 3 you are more likely that he will get out of line and miss a shot.

  7. Basstide says:

    he racks it completely wrong

  8. ultrashroom says:

    Hahahaha GOT ’em

  9. joeygonzo says:

    The 8-ball rack is whacked.

  10. iamfromitaly says:

    hai ragione…a ki kazzo fotte cm s mettono le bilie nel triangolo….basta giokare!

  11. 7djoliver7 says:

    videos de billar en castellano porfavor

  12. cs512tr says:

    its expertvilliage,
    its never correct or actually informative…

  13. bhavingandhi1 says:

    u r so wrong when it comes to racking the balls

  14. djg0490 says:

    completely wrong. on 8 and 9. your an idiot

  15. runoutman says:

    he racked both 8 and 9 correctly. you are the idiots

  16. MrAdamkennedy says:

    he did correctly rack. the rules only specify that the three corners must have 2 of one and one of the other. random everything else. and nine ball is random accept the 1 and 9

  17. jaknick08 says:

    curiosity to our opponent and ourselves? you mean courtesy?? FAIL

  18. aHORDofHAMSTERS says:

    @DumbestCrayon your a smart crayon

  19. culotta23 says:

    i like to rack according to colors…starting at 1 on spot and following left of rack as 1-9, 2-10,3-11, 4-12, 5-13, 6-14, 8 in center 7-15 below 8……This gives u 8 in center 1 on spot, alternating hi-low’s, and looks sexy….although base corners are both solids whatever……

  20. xxxxdarksidexxxx says:

    @lilmyster2k5 70’s suburban style is what your thinking of, not official rules

  21. halsamdu says:


  22. ubernewbie1968 says:

    Pool is a easy game.

  23. VincentLauria6 says:

    @gtq838 ….. Maybe you should play more tournaments as well as crack open the rule book….. This is in PERFECT accordance with the rules…..

  24. gtq838 says:

    @VincentLauria6 for beginner tourneys maybe. watch any pro level game and you wil see…

    the universal rack that is accepted at every tourney and league except bca of course. is 1 ball in front, eight in middle, solid strip all the way around and then the last two ball, numbers 14 and 15 swaped everybody accepts that rack and thats why everybody uses it.

  25. azoldtime09 says:

    @runoutman you mean you and him are

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