How to Play Billiards : Billiards: Side-Pocket Position Drill

Practicing the side-pocket position drill is a great way to learn to develop control over your draw strike. Develop speed and control with regards to striking the cue ball using tips from an experienced pool player in this free video on billiards. Expert: Joe Nichols Contact: Bio: Joe Nichols has been playing the game of billiards for approximately 43 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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  1. aidencurl says:

    thats piss easy lol

  2. StLDooley says:

    thats the point.
    it’s a drill.. not a trick shot

  3. crostorm1 says:

    he couldn’t make it from first so that’s why they switch balls 0:45 XD

  4. SupaFlyBoyZz699 says:

    haha u fucking right i didnt notice that sick eyes eh man

  5. Zach014789 says:

    I feel bad for expertvillage, everyone posts how shitty his videos are and how old he is.

  6. Tiphso says:

    It’s so easy that he missed the first shot. lol

  7. aidencurl says:

    @Tiphso what you talking about? he didnt miss any of the shots

  8. aidencurl says:

    @Tiphso oh sorry i see what you mean now, hahahahaha that guy is teh newbz

  9. MeSsI10CR9HD says:

    slepping #?!/*#+@

  10. RyanWatchesNaruto says:

    lmao ball magic! it changed yellow to purple striped omg he’s fail

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