How To Masse The Cue Ball

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  1. Jackofdiamonds770 says:

    Wow, I have to agree with LforLawliette, that was the best Masse shot instruction i have ever seen

  2. PapieZ89 says:

    great video

  3. TSBillards86 says:

    from the beginning of your video to about 38 seconds in is complete opinion. A perpendicular masse as you called it is really called a full masse and is usually just as much used in a billiard game as the half masse shots you are explaining. Both percentages are low and it ticked me off how you think a perpendicular masse shot is only used in trick shots. I use them in both when need be.

  4. TSBillards86 says:

    Also the type of shot you explained through out your video is probably the same percentage of making it with a masse then a kick or bank from the part of the table we could see. Please do not associate a FULL MASSE with trick shots as it is not the case all the time. Thank You

  5. runoutman says:

    you’re the man. Dean from Dean’s pool tips kills me. he doesn’t know shit he’s not fit to teach. I’m banned from commenting on his videos so I’ll bitch about him here and give you props. For anyone trying to learn you’ve come to the right guy.

  6. NanoGuitarist says:

    awesome … thank you … nice video … looks difficult though 🙂

  7. FlegDesigns says:

    Does this damage the table?

  8. CombineHeat1337 says:

    will this damage the table?

  9. sonictapz says:

    can you please please teach me to masse, this is the best tutorial but it still doesnt work!

  10. CheckmateOO7 says:

    Cute kid who went near the table..!! 🙂

  11. alewisgb says:

    i use the other end of the cue and it works

  12. hasukumori says:

    Well done Sir, and thanks for the info. Also I deffinately agree with you about Cue control and kick control being the best way to spend practice time. But sometimes your opponant just leaves you with that CRAP shot that requires Masse because a bank shot just wont due.

  13. hasukumori says:

    @sonictapz I hope you’re not expecting to watch this Video and start curving your ball all around the table. The most important and subtle part of the Masse is the tip grooming so your Cue grabs the ball correctly. But after that it’s all about experimenting with the Masse and the english and getting a FEEL for it after HOURS of practice. Especially if you dont have an expert standing over your shoulder correcting your minor shot errors because with the Masse it’s all about the small stuff..

  14. BIGMERVS says:

    @spearysam Lol dont worry man. at first i said the same thing. but once i did it i knew it was possible even though it nver seems to work again dammiitt

  15. forcefollow says:

    @hasukumori Yeah this shot is not the first choice.

  16. 380browning says:

    wow man thx alot. this is good stuff!

  17. nickthezombiekiller7 says:

    i love pool and this will STRONGLY make me beter and i might beet my pro pool player brother

  18. KiDCaLi19 says:

    thanks this helped a lot!

  19. thebnzwalch says:

    any tips for not wrecking the table? i was doing the shots alright and gettting fair amount of curve but the follow through kept hitting the table

  20. bennylw says:

    Another great video. I just started playing pool and I appreciate Your calm and easy language. I stumbled on Your videos today and will surely come back to improve my skills. Good job!

  21. viemaillot04 says:

    does the quality of the table have an effect on the curving of the ball? because i’ve tried it many times, but mostly i couldn’t curve it..
    but at time it did! =D

  22. Richard3261 says:


  23. peepeefacednegro says:

    Awesome Video

  24. BMWLDRider says:

    Ummmm,,,that would be “mah-say”

  25. dreman51 says:

    remember to properly groom your tip everyone

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