How to grip a pool cue.

Some things I have learned.

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  1. SirNoobs says:

    I’ll try this a few weeks from now. At first I didn’t know so I would grip the cue very tight sometimes where after game my knuckles are sore and I don’t need a stick of butter to know that.

  2. 7base7 says:

    dude your so helpful thanks cause i tried the butter thing and it blew up!

  3. jburkhammer says:

    I grip my cue like I grip my beer, just snug enough to not drop it…..depends on how many beeeers though…..

  4. Jas0nP says:


  5. dfitzge says:

    The key thing about the grip is balancing how loose and firm you want it. A more loose grip allows for more action on the cue ball with less force (see efren). A tighter grip allows for a straight and more consistent stoke (look at any snooker player). It’s just preference.

    Also, the back arm should be perpendicular to the ground. Though, having the grip too short would be prefered to too long.

  6. gargolas12345 says:

    forcefollow you’re a teacher a favor is very interesting but I would like your videos you please translate to better understand I speak Spanish do not know if this will be good English. but I hope that you get a translator in Spanish.

  7. MsnAngersMe says:

    elbow must be as high as possible

  8. brevvton says:

    that aint a pool stick, thats a nigger beater

  9. gurl52241 says:

    is there any way i could get all of your teachings or help on DVD im a amature (APA) player and enjoy all of your lessons would love just to sit down and watch them

  10. kryzgarcia says:

    thanks for the info…

  11. ryanrhager says:

    I’ve notice that when I finish the stroke and close my grip my fingers naturally rotate the stick to the right. Also the tip then goes to my left. What can I do to eliminate this problem? A wobbling stroke is extremely annoying and oddly enough more noticeable at some time than others.

  12. MAB928 says:

    i’ve heard from many sources is to hold grip around maybe 6 inches behind balance point of cue

  13. 654321789123 says:

    thats my cock hes holding ahahaha

  14. roxyiii says:

    You wish! Fucking faggot

  15. madaphong says:

    time to go grab a stick o butter!!!

  16. azteacher26 says:

    Power breakers like to grip a little more forward in order to create more lever action.

  17. Lars1540 says:

    Actually according to the book written by Ewa Laurance (19-time world pool champion), there is a particular spot on the butt of the stick that you should be gripping. It’s called her 1st 90 degree rule. Meaning that when your cue tip is at it’s contact point with the cue ball, your forearm should form a 90 degree angle to the cue stick. So depending on the shot your taking, you will have to adjust your grip accordingly. =) Pick up “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pool & Billiards” by Ewa Laurance

  18. xdomingu says:


  19. guitarplayingairsoft says:

    nice cuetec..i got one too!!

  20. emerypookie says:

    @Lars1540 19 time world champ no way

  21. assasin907 says:

    good stuff. im going lighter on the grip. finding my self making more shots.

  22. s73v3n101 says:

    good videos allot of good insight to the game keep up the good work

  23. frown says:

    forcefollow, you have a uniquely diverse grasp on this topic. Perhaps you’d go on to discuss how a benefit of the butter grippin’ cue test includes the several trillion things you can do with your newly buttered hand.

  24. bushputz says:

    Adjusting for power or touch and accuracy should be adjusted by either lengthening or shortening the distance between your bridge hand and the ball, not changing your grip position.

    If you’re having trouble because you use a ‘death grip’, try placing a piece of chalk between the butt of your cue and your palm. If you try to squeeze down on the cue tightly, the corners of the chalk will dig into your palm, discouraging you from doing that. (Remove the chalk once you’ve broken the habit)


  25. Flamestar1989 says:

    @forcefollow You’d make a good coach 🙂

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