How To Build A Billiard Ball Polisher

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  1. cajunpoolboy says:

    AZ for life wo0t!!

  2. tropikiwi123 says:

    u have some good tips and drills 4 pool man keep it up. i play alot of pool & go 2 as much pro tourneys as possible your drills r pretty good. i use them 2 warm up before i am at tournements because i dont know the speed of the tables. i was lookin 4 drills 2 warm up before tourneys 4 free & u have some good warmup drills. my friend has a pool hall and i am gonna make 1 of these 4 him.

  3. BanjoGar says:

    Awsome!! Thanks

  4. littledmac says:

    Hi I just got a old (1959) pool table, and have restored it, and new cloth was done today. Now I have the original set of balls, which are very dirty, (yellow/brown in fact). Do you think this would make them shine like new? Or are they hopeless? If I can get them lookking good again I definately would like to try it, but I am not sure if I need something a little harsher on the cleaning side, rather than the Polishing side. Any thoughts or opinions would be helpful. Thanks

  5. Frobby1 says:

    This was a great idea. My wife said my balls have never looked more glowing and clean.
    thanks much!!

  6. colomblanco says:

    She loved mine too!

  7. KellyHat says:

    I made one. and it works better than i could ever clean and polish the balls by hand…. and it works much faster, with little or no effort. great vid!! im proud of you kid. thank you so much. 🙂

  8. ecuff44 says:

    Thanks I built one today and works great.

  9. oneon1 says:

    Way to think outside the box.Great idea fraction of cost.

  10. daviduwate says:

    great video !

  11. jchaplin99 says:

    Put all 16 balls in there at the same time and put a folded towel on top of them to hold them down and polish from both sides. Maybe a little additional weight on top of the towel to speed the process. Use your imagination Forget the vents, mine generates very little heat and you only need a 2-3 inch strip of self adhesive felt above the polisher pad surface. The balls don’t reach the top of the bucket so no need for so much carpet.. Other than that yours looks a lot like mine.

  12. poolshooter2007 says:

    you forgot to mention Chalk in the things that makes balls dirty,
    thanks for the vedio

  13. Tonywp80376 says:

    Good video and info as always.
    Im gonna have to give this a try.

  14. PoolRoomPaintingscom says:

    I built my Polisher this weekend. It actually was as easy as you showed. All 15 balls as well as the cue ball – fits in it at the same time. I believe my total cost was around $35 just like you said. The buffer was $28.00 and I used a $3 orange Home Depot bucket. Some Berber carpet we had laying around…. Cut the holes and assembled and had it up and running in about 15 min. Wow, it works better than I could have imagined…. Thanks so much – and do easy to make.

  15. forcefollow says:

    Great to hear!!!! Glad I could help.

  16. 990909909 says:

    U R A GENIUS!!!

  17. zenqra says:

    Do we want to CLEAN balls before POLISHING?

  18. stewartx5 says:

    Any great advantage in using a machine polisher over just cleaning and polishing the balls myself by hand? Only requires a few minutes every couple of weeks.

    I use ‘Turtle Wax F21 Car Polish’ on the cue ball and ‘Novus Plastic Clean & Shine’ on the object balls. The former provides urethane polymers to fill tiny scuffs & scratches, while the latter is a bit more gentle. A quick wipe with soft cloth between polishes maintains the brilliant shine.

  19. BartjeOstend says:

    @starmate He’s talking about the balls ^^

  20. ham4fun says:

    good video, just thought id tell ya you forgot the R in billards for azbillirds site

  21. AbsintheInChains says:

    you wouldnt belive what comes orf my table. ships, wildebeest, several hotdogs and once i even found the entire dispatches and letters of admiral Nelson when i brushed my baize……. my backspin is still shit tho.

  22. c016501 says:

    Thanks for posting! I’m going to make one of these soon.

  23. xxNilumxx says:

    after seeing a couple of videos like this one, i built the same thing, it is very easy to do, it takes a maximum of an hour to do. i built a small 8 ball rack for just buffing the balls it works great, oh it gets loud and shaky. great job force follow mine works exactly the same, except I built it.

  24. ratili0 says:

    I could not find the part list in the website, I think your polisher is really good, but I would like to know what parts you used.

  25. ratili0 says:

    I could not find the part list in the website, I think your polisher is really good, but I would like to know what parts you used? Do you have like a shopping list?

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