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A video on breaking with graphics by Blackjack David Sapolis. I recommend his books: “Lessons in 9 ball”, “The Growling Point”, and “Stroke of Genius” Forcefollow videos are in the public domain: feel free to link, share, download, burn or distribute in any manner you desire.

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  1. rafi77 says:

    dude thank you for all the hard work you put into making your videos. I have learned a lot keep up the good work.

  2. forcefollow says:

    @rafi77 Reading a comment like this makes all of the effort worth it.

  3. forcefollow says:

    @rafi77 Thank you for the comment. It means alot.

  4. XSpong3bobX says:

    Thanks xD great video

  5. zen8808 says:

    hey, i’ve a question. i’ve this problem where my cue ball flies up after the break. i don’t understand why? any idea? it’s a really nice video man. learnt alot of stuff.

  6. statelis says:

    nice video, great tutorial. A re patrida!!!

  7. DDragonlord says:

    Good Instruction. I wish it also included how what was described in breaking techniques is seen in practice. It would have been helpful to put everything that was said and see an example after-wards.

  8. NickMercurio says:

    269 people are retards.

  9. mickblock says:

    so lift your head higher when your stroking it? well ok I’ll try that but I thought this was about playing pool.

  10. MrDeathbymusic says:

    great video, ive been playing pool for a year now and love it and that has taught me alot

  11. bennidproduction says:

    i cant wait to use your advice and kick my friends ass in pool. Your advice was nice good work. if i had money i would tip

  12. cmmwiz says:

    I get way more power holding the cue furthur back as that creates a longer
    stroke. Will practice leaving the cueball in the center of the table after the break.
    Use to go Kama Kazi with some heavy top. May not make as many balls on the 9 ball break, but also may scratch like never. Thanx.

  13. FarmaNap says:

    Very good tips. Well-made video. Thanx.

  14. soulcontrollerBG says:

    watching all these crap pool tutorial videos really makes me appreciate guys like u
    who put all these effort and who really know what they are talking about. thank u very much,forcefollow! keep working 🙂

  15. seeyasoon52 says:

    @rafi77 I double ThaT

  16. HiTd4TbOnG1827 says:

    Great video man, very informative and easy to understand. Along with what you said I found one of the keys to a great break is practice strokes….feeling that power build up with each stroke. I observe people when im not playing…and your absolutely right about some people not pulling back far enough before they break.

    Im going to check out more of your videos I could learn a few things!

  17. krazie308 says:

    Thanks for the video. Great information. I need all the tips I can get to improve my game.

  18. Cunelito says:

    I second what u said^^

  19. noobsluvsboobs says:

    i know this is irrelevant to this video but i still dont get the hang of moving my arm to use the cue. I understand how i need to keep the arm still and only move the forearm but do u let it loosely fall down with a flick to the wrist or push the cue.
    nice video btw 🙂

  20. FPSg33k says:

    Thanks!! You’re GOod!!

  21. showtimeeeeeeee says:


    will done

  22. Lalilelulolila says:

    A very informative video. Now i know what to do when breaking. Thx =)

  23. SweetpeaL says:

    Ty for this awsome informative vid. im trying to improve my game. and this helped alot!

  24. CasanovaSessions says:

    who can be fucked watching this sorta shit

  25. aArgier says:

    5:52 so true!

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