How it’s made billiard cues ?!?

Falcon cues … presenting the tech for billiard cues…

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  1. thanatoso2 says:

    actually, its a synthetic

  2. cfcues says:

    How true, I’m a cuemaker and use ivory. My ivory is from the ’60s.

  3. Ixl666lxl says:

    butt piece

  4. Supdude147 says:

    Pervert -_-

  5. ahz123 says:

    I would have liked to have seen how the inlays were cleaned up.

  6. johnph96 says:


  7. chrysevstar says:

    does the apoxy glue go clear when it dries?

  8. LeviBakersfield says:

    mass produced pieces of shit.

  9. MrKinghuman says:

    what do u shoot with/??

  10. MrKinghuman says:

    floating points are wack. traditional full splice will never be topped

  11. 14lp96 says:

    the “secret” hide glue mixture is an even proportion liquid – dry combanation of bees wax, pine tree pitch,powdered hoof or horn of a cow, and ashes

  12. crapper1 says:

    he handles the ebony peices carefully

    tosses them aside lmao

  13. ManginaHole says:

    Anyone else take this wrong?

  14. Landrew0 says:

    It looks like dexterity isn’t a prerequisite for that job.

  15. wakawakasplat says:

    lol, but peice

  16. 360street says:

    i thought i was more mature than to not lol at ALL of the times she ses butt peice

  17. arowanamaster says:


  18. hubertandclyde says:

    @bastec666 You both obviously don’t play very well then!

  19. hubertandclyde says:

    @MasterJPr You are an idiot.

  20. breeannaqktjbl says:

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  21. SoldierCyfix says:

    he uses a special tool = his hand

  22. intermitrj says:

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  23. joemama114 says:

    Hahaha trade secret it’s child’s tears and the souls of the innocent makes the best glue you will ever find… Still want to play billiards?

  24. Opiti72 says:

    This is a shame, CNC toolling? Hiolle, Sampaio, etc, those are real……..

  25. JerrysTube says:

    Nice presentation and explanation of how cue’s are made. Very Nice.

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