Great Dane, Honey’s First Swimming Lesson – Canine Hydrotherapy Pool, Club K9, Auckland / Honey the Great Dane has her 1st swimming lesson in the hydrotherapy pool at Club K9 in Auckland! Definitely NOT a water dog, Honey started off a bit of a wimp – but soon felt brave enough to even do a bit of dock-diving! 🙂

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  1. infamousNfamous says:

    hahah the comments make me literally LOL. especially “i don’t see what’s so funny -_-“

  2. teremi1 says:

    Stupid women, don’t you know dogs can swim without lessons?! it’s their natural tallent.

  3. lilpackerfreak says:

    i love this!! so cute and funny!!! i love your commentary hahah!

  4. caaty101 says:

    You have a beautiful great dane!

  5. 3648cars says:

    I have a great dane his name is chili and he is 6. Do you know how old they live to?

  6. SandSnowMXGirl says:

    The captions had me laughing so hard I was crying! Honey has quite the sense of humor. =)

  7. caracolsche says:

    I love your videos – they are very informative and funny and now thanks Honey I also know the third part which is in my dog. He has the head like honey (mother: hound pure breed – grand-mother: Shar-Pei pure breed but I didn´t knew the other part of his father) I´m waiting that I get the clicker so we can start with the training. Thank you very much that you help us how to train a dog and also how funny it is!!!! I wish you and your family all the best – I´m looking forward to see new videos

  8. TheRajangrewal says:

    honey and you are a familiar face on youtube

  9. PahaAsia says:

    Haha, that “I’m a dane, not duck” -line is awesome 😀 My dane would never, ever go swimming, he thinks that water is fine only when it is on a bowl. If it’s on a lake, fish have been peeing on it, yuck!

  10. blackgumdrawpz says:

    Hahaha 🙂
    On the way in, she’s like, “EFFFF THAT.”

  11. umagigi says:

    im a dane not a duck lol! haha!

  12. umagigi says:

    The subtitles are hilarious haha!

  13. BEATTY001 says:

    That is sooooooo cute. I LOVE the subtitles of Honey’s “thoughts” LOL. Lovely dog with her loving owner.

  14. thatcrazyjack says:

    Wow did she ever gain confidence how awesome! Our dog is still scared of the water, but this gives me hope! Wish we had a place like that near us. Loved seeing her jump in – was surprised to see that enthusiasm! At the end it looks like she is swimming in her dreams – too cute! How old was she in that video when you introduced her to the water? Such a good owner for such a good dog 🙂

  15. hsinyicohen says:

    @thatcrazyjack – Honey was nearly 6yrs old. She has never been a “water dog” and it took her 5yrs to work up the confidence to wade into ponds and the sea…but we kept trying and we got there in the end! She will never love water like a Lab but now she will happily go into the sea to fetch sticks

  16. Behemothpwns says:

    how tall are you? she makes you look tiny!

  17. locochic80 says:

    I like it soooo much!!I also have a fawn great dane,but mine is nearly 1 year old,he’s a boy and doesn’t like water at all! 😀
    BTW-Honey’s awesome!!How old is she?

  18. locochic80 says:

    Honey’s awesome!I like her soooo much!I also have a fawn dane,but mine is a boy,nearly 1 year old and doesn’t like water at all!
    BTW-how old is Honey?

  19. Jimi182 says:

    I have said befor and I will say it again Honey is AWESOME, and you two are some of the best dog owners ever. Thank You so much for showing us.

  20. AsianStyled says:

    OH your captions are soo hilarious

  21. NNJED61 says:

    so funny subtitles are great

  22. iambehindthemirror says:

    Was that expensive?

  23. hsinyicohen says:

    @iambehindthemirror – You can visit the Club K9 website to see their prices as it might have changed since we went.

  24. bradleyira says:

    waters pritty warm acutally lol

  25. ilovemytenorsax says:

    You have a great relationship with your dog. I wish I can hav a relationship with my dog like that too when I get one lol xP

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