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  1. vasilisleo says:

    this is fucking fake

  2. jasonhomes743 says:

    still board

  3. FiddyRacing says:

    WTF? awsome

  4. atomsplitter79 says:


  5. WizarFlesh says:

    wow amaizing/

    i think the whait ball is robber because the non porsible spins

  6. dtmg09 says:

    why do all u people think it is fake just because he is better than u

  7. djmailokiller says:

    damn good!

  8. rick1093 says:

    just awesome man just awesome teach us XD

  9. zlajaaaa says:


  10. lmjks says:

    Oh my god o.ó

  11. CnCvideos5696 says:

    whos the guy under the table

  12. itzjustme2007 says:

    how do u make it spin

  13. LacusClyne1992 says:

    wads the name of the song?

  14. colins007x says:

    Triki elegancko robi tylko te uzdy… Za duze sa.. Ladniej by wygladalo gdyby nie byly takie gigantyczne. I tak 5/5

  15. kodyman20 says:

    @rick1093 this isnt the guy doing these tricks he stole this video from another person

  16. kylergillespie says:

    @LacusClyne1992 Kryptonite by 3 doors down

  17. kylergillespie says:

    @itzjustme2007 hit the very side and be pro about it

  18. kylergillespie says:

    this guy cheated. the force should not be allowed in this game!

  19. Mikidy says:

    Amazing, truely amazing.

  20. thuTheundertakerbest says:

    teach me XDD

  21. vampireheart301 says:

    he has a remote control!

  22. xSaRaaBX says:

    Very Talented , show us more 😛

  23. MrDreamPop says:

    cool tricks, terrible song

  24. HARDmTOmKILL says:

    Fucking great tricks!!!

  25. mezanitro5 says:

    It´ s so cool

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