Gillette Next Phenom Entry – Artistic 3-Cushion Billiards

This is my video submission for the Gillette Search for the Next Phenom contest. I’m Miguel Torres, the 2008 US National Champion of 3-cushion billiards. This is not pool. Check it out. No pockets. Only three balls. To score a point, my cue ball has to hit at least 3 cushion and both balls. But I like to use my imagination and hit more. This is my style. More spin. More rails. More fun! Sometimes, to amaze the people, I like to curve around obstacles… jumps and ramps! I’ve been playing for 20 years, and I love this game. I can do hundreds of impossible looking shots… you’re gonna love it. My name is Miguel Torres, I want to be the Next Gillette Phenom so I can show the world this beautiful game. …I gotcha Tiger Woods… 🙂

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  1. relnejem says:

    WOW , he is very talented , but semih is # 1

  2. migueltorres3c says:

    el retro solo tienes que colocar el taco bajo del centro de la bola y el golpe debe ir muy derecho para que no escaches lo de las ligas el numero de telfono de la federacion es 2323559 ahi te dan informacion o busca la academia colombia que esta en la clle 52 con cra15 chapinero ahi puedes aprender cuidate

  3. migueltorres3c says:

    thank you

  4. migueltorres3c says:

    thank you

  5. migueltorres3c says:

    thank you

  6. nirvana100x100 says:

    jajaj, no lo puedo creer, el propio Miguel Torres me contestó, gracias hermano, el lunes llamo y tengase duro porque ahi voy yo, que se tengan todos, Blomdahl, Caudron, Sayginer, Sanchez, mejor dicho todos jajajajaj
    sube otros videos cuando puedas!

  7. migueltorres3c says:

    thank you

  8. migueltorres3c says:

    thank you

  9. migueltorres3c says:

    thank you

  10. migueltorres3c says:

    hello Efren Reyes he is one of the best in the world I have a lot repect for him
    I’m just a three cushion billiard player that is another kind of game but thank you

  11. bloodfoxtrue says:

    holy! u r the saint of this game!! my hat is off to you!!

  12. BartjeOstend says:

    well played amigo

  13. yumabo says:

    Donde vives en Miguel? Yo vivo en DC y solo conozco un billar con mesas de tres bandas

  14. ralarco says:

    Dude… 2minutes ago i had no idea this sport existed and you made it into the coolest thing on a billiard table. That was wicked…well done man

  15. favell69 says:

    miguel torres es el nuevo fenomenooo,
    yo soy jugador de 3c, y esos tiros son de respeto.
    Congrats u will be the next phenom on 3 cushion Billiard !!

  16. gamepurpose says:

    is there anyway you can do top english and make the ball goes backward after it hit the red ball without touching any cushions? balls have the same sizes

  17. MrCoolVermonterblade says:

    The way I learned about this sport was when I was a kid I saw a cartoon with Donald Duck learning how to play 3 cushion billiards.

  18. LeonFleisherFan says:


  19. doubletimejosh says:

    Miguel these are great shots. You are also a great tournament player. What is your high run?

  20. slugger203 says:


  21. migueltorres3c says:

    no con el taco arriba lo que consigues es un corrido solo va hacia adelante

  22. thesndshop says:

    cuanto me combras por unas clases, de billar?

  23. ANAROVE says:

    Ilustre caballero, veo que sigues triunfando en el medio, te felicito y en ese video me doy cuenta que sigues siendo el mismo. Un saludo colombiano, Buena chino, se me cuida!!!!.

  24. GMTecano says:

    he mean check it out or sheek it er out ?

  25. who8mahbacon says:

    @benchman62 he deserves it

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