Gackt vs La’cryma Christi – Billiard Game (Pt 01)

Gackt challenges La’cryma Christi’s singer, Taka-san, to a billiards fight! Neither of them can play though… -.-;; They just strike the white ball with their respective ‘weapons’ until one of them manages to score a point (which takes them ages…) The loser must do whatever the winner tells him to… This is the actual game, the second part (the losers’ punishment…) is already uploaded by someone. Enjoy!

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  1. suryan84 says:

    i just upload the 2nd part. Hope that answer ur question…:)

  2. suryan84 says:

    i just re-upload the 2nd part. enjoy!

  3. zurururu says:

    Yes, I think I do. He was suppose to go hook up with someone if he lost, right? Those girls are so damn lucky XD Thank you very much 🙂

  4. suryan84 says:

    Billard Confrontation Start
    L: How do I use this to hit (looking at the stick)? Like this? (Hits white ball)
    (2 balls went into the pockets but the white ball fell in too.)
    G: Foul!
    Next is Gackt’s turn.
    G: (trying to manuveure the banner stick) This is hard. Ahh…nothing went in.
    T: This is great!
    G: (looking at the banner stick) This has no power! *grin*

  5. suryan84 says:

    Gackt & Levin Round 2
    G: (still looking at the stick) This is a little difficult eh…
    somebody: you’re gonna start again?
    L: Yes.
    Levin hits the white ball into the pocket again – zero points again.
    G: This seems bad…(hits the ball) ahh…
    Nothing went in for Gackt as well.
    3rd Round
    Levin hits the white ball into the pocket again.
    G: This is wonderful…
    4th Round
    G: Ah…(didn;t get any ball into the pocket)

  6. suryan84 says:

    5th Round
    Levin hits the white ball into the pocket again. After which he falls onto the sofa, in disbelief that his attempts have all failed.
    6th Round
    G: (hits and an orange ball just sits outside the pocket) Go in, go in! (it didn’t and Gackt places his hands over the “cue” and covers his face in exasperation.)This is strange, even tho’ I tried it didn’t work.

  7. suryan84 says:

    So Taka took over Levin
    L: Ah..(sees the ball rolling towards a pocket) this is good, this is good…O YES!(The ball enters the pocket and he claps his hands.)
    Taka wins 1 point!
    T: I win!
    He reaches out to shake hands with Gackt but Gackt slaps his hand away.
    G: That’s great isn’t it?
    Taka raises his hand victoriously.
    G: Next up is me, eh?
    Gackt hits and 2 balls roll towards a pocket but they didn’t go in.
    G: Ah… they didn’t go in, Taka wins.
    *laughter from crowd*

  8. suryan84 says:

    L: Yeah!
    Taka just stands with his arms cross and points to himself looking a little surprised.
    T: I won?
    G: Good? Is this good?
    L: Good, yes, it’s enough.

  9. suryan84 says:

    Game Center Pick-up-girls Begins
    From a van, Taka and Levin give orders to Gackt who’s put on the streets to pick up girls for the Purikura Single’s Meeting. Taka is the one who commands Gackt the most using the walkie talkie as he is the winner of the penalty game.
    T: Well, go and search.
    Gackt was standing around on the street.
    T: Ah, how about the girl with the red bag?

  10. suryan84 says:

    Gackt looks around.
    T: On your right.
    G: Ah ok, it doesn’t matter. This girl will be ok.
    T: You have to say “excuse me” (in English)
    Gackt walks after the girl and taps her shoulder.
    G: Excuse me. * Levin and Taka laugh* Do you have a moment? Do you have a moment?
    Girl: Er…i’m in a hurry.
    G: Ah, you have no time at all? Absolutely none?
    Girl: Well, considerably none.

  11. suryan84 says:

    G: You REALLY can’t come with me for a while?
    Girl: No.
    G: Even a little while isn’t ok?
    Girl: No.
    G: Ah…
    Girl: (She said something not quite audible, i think it was something about going to the bank.)
    G: O, so that’s the case…

  12. suryan84 says:

    T: It can’tbe helped. Forget it.
    G: O in that case – bye.
    T: What level is she?
    (Level meaning Gackt is supposed to rate the girl from 1-10 where 10 is the highest points.)
    G: er…3.
    Levin & Taka roar in laughter.

  13. kyra610 says:

    Ahaha, thank you so much for the translation!

  14. japanesekoreanfan2 says:

    arigatou for the upload! and arigatou to suryan84 for the translations! ive never seen him play that bad before! heeheehee! i love him *drools*

  15. MyDearKyoKun says:

    Thank you so much for the translation!! It’s so much funnier when you understand what is being said! ^^

  16. MyDearKyoKun says:

    Sooo funny! ^^ Ah I love Gackt! ^^

  17. Fenrisaconite says:

    Aw XD Poor Gackt. They made him sound like a host boy.

  18. ciderpen says:

    To the description, Gackt is a decent billiards player.

  19. innerguardianXIII says:

    cool they had the music from the Fifth Element lol…COME ON GACKT…WIN like always

  20. KephrenKaiser says:

    TAKA and Levin are very cute x3…

  21. SirChristus16 says:

    can u pleeeeease send this to me..?? ~_~

  22. Annina11ful says:

    not decent, enough good

  23. kansiwa says:

    u said part2 is uploaded by some1….
    mayb u should put the link at the desc.?

  24. RoseRed77 says:

    That girl is a dumbass. Even if I didnt know who Gackt was, he’s hot and I would’ve went with him wherever he wanted to go LOL

  25. DarkPhoenixRising says:


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