Frozen Pool Trick Shot From “The Hustler”; Clip From The Movie Included

A fun little trick shot from the movie, “The Hustler”. A ball is frozen against the rail, and the cue is frozen against the object ball. Both two handed and one handed shots. ***A re-recorded ending has been published due to a complaint the shot was not correct. Check it out if you feel like complaining.

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  1. fastburner00 says:


  2. chinagirl84 says:

    Well done…….loved the hustler.

  3. kingcaesar5 says:

    that was goddamn beautiful, how long did it take to master it.

  4. telecoustic says:

    Thanks! It’s actually not as hard as it looks, took only a few minutes to get down. But I have been playing a while, maybe experience helped.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  5. sal51 says:

    Nice shots. Not the same shot.

    The balls are frozen on the rail close to the corner pocket.

  6. Skytroop says:

    One of the most famous trick shots around thanks to the film. And TY for posting it always great to see that scene again.

  7. RayHusted says:

    The shot that you did at the end of the clip wasnt the shot from the movie, you had it sittin on the diamond but in the movie its sitting bout 3 inches from the pocket or less, the shot you did at the end was WAY EASIER

  8. telecoustic says:

    thanks for your pointless input, it really helped!

  9. RayHusted says:

    and you cant do the shot from the movie is what im sayin… so dont false advertise that you can… all im sayin

  10. telecoustic says:

    I really thought I did… now that i look at it, your right. I’m on vacation right now on Martha’s Vineyard, when I get back i’ll try to emulate it. The closer to the rail, the easier. We will see when I get home.

  11. Deatta86 says:

    ok so your a singer, a (almost) chiropractor, a great dancer, a poker player and a pool shark, is there anything you cant do…lol

  12. telecoustic says:

    well I’m certainly not a pool shark, but your words are very kind!

  13. RayHusted says:

    closer to rail = harder, thats why they played for money in the clip… check my vid response it shows the shot

  14. telecoustic says:

    Just tried i at a local bar, and it’s just as easy as puttin it on the first diamond. I’ll record it when I get home.

  15. telecoustic says:

    you are a dumb ass. plain and simple. See my re-recorded version for exactly how he did it. BFD if he used a house cue and dirty balls. I can do this easy shot just the same dirty and bent. You must be a horrible, non-successful hustler.

  16. telecoustic says:

    and you don’t “break” out this shot to make money because everyone in a hall has seen this movie. You are a joke.

  17. 1t2j1t2j says:

    …look kid, that shot you made only “wows” people that don’t have a clue about the game. WHAT i’m trying to say is shoot that shot exactly the way he did it, or to be correct, the way Willie Mosconi shot it in the movie, cuz’ Paul Newman didn’t shoot the shot. thats all bro’.

  18. bboisorrow says:

    its just a simple trick shot..

  19. telecoustic says:

    exactly. I didn’t post the video to wow anyone, just thought it would be a neat video.

  20. telecoustic says:

    I didn’t know Mosconi shot it… how did they pull that off? It looks like Paul Newman in the video…

  21. telecoustic says:

    It’s hard to tell if you are being an ass or not with your grammar and punctuation, so I am not sure how to respond. I posted the video thinking it would be fun, not to “wow” anyone. It’s obviously not a difficult shot.

  22. telecoustic says:

    Thanks! I really appreciate that!

  23. bayoubullet says:

    Great scene in a Great movie. Perfect scene to start off the movie Thanks for posting.

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