Fast Larry’s Two Table Pool Trick Shot

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  1. Adgang123 says:

    That seems EXTREME fake… Like its a lot of pictures pulled together in a movie…

  2. aznelf13 says:

    @trickshot058 he use the rack as a stopping force, it’s like how you would elevate ur cue and drive it into the table but it doesnt jump until it hits a bumper or a ball, same thing here.

  3. turtle666138 says:

    the jump shot was a scoop anyway… id like to see it done with a legal jump

  4. GuitarrrBoyyy says:


  5. chris978820 says:

    thats nothing. i saw someone do a trick shot using 6 pool tables

  6. dougiepoolable says:

    @turtle666138 it aint a scoop he did that thing when u hit th cushion the it bounces of

  7. punkrutherford says:

    that wasnt a legal “jump” shot it was known as a “scoop” which is an illegal shot by the a.p.a. therefore i deduct 10 points from griffendore…

  8. Lrrits says:

    nice shot, to bad alot of people think its fake when its not

  9. jessietjuh1 says:

    did he have to do that arogant after the shot …..

  10. simonssm says:

    @jessietjuh1 eeeh shut the fuck up

  11. dougiepoolable says:


  12. jessietjuh1 says:

    what a douchebag

  13. KennyGhosts1 says:

    the way he threw his stick down makes it looks like he was pissed

  14. makealilmoney says:

    @jessietjuh1 yea it kinda ruined it

  15. NixuB says:

    I think the “how many times he tried that” question is answered by the time on the camera..

  16. travismofo says:

    hahaha ‘take that bitch’ as he throws the stick and glove.

  17. jmbgouveia says:

    @NixuB BY the time in the camera? I dont think so! and The guy was pissed because thas was the 256… time he tryed this trick LOL. cheers, Joao

  18. jmbgouveia says:

    Well looking again it is not dificult to do this trick is actualy very easy one. for a poll player takes 2 3 attemps I guaraty you!!! Look at the disposition of the balls as soon as the white touches all get in and the up the white for a player is easy to make it jump the table in a straith way is just a matter of do it once without balls and after put there the balls. SORRY about my english but for good understanders a half a word is enough. cheers ma friends. Joao from Portugal

  19. thepopcornkid45 says:

    looked like he got pissed when he did it………

  20. malkster99 says:

    @ryskag2 its 1:30am on the clock… I think the answer is “the whole evening” xD

  21. Eptapus says:

    @pepamethodman Yet hard to perform!

  22. nocrot1 says:

    i don’t think he was pissed. he just showed the trick who’s boss.

  23. sparlu says:

    by the looks of his attitude is like 2000 times in a row to do this :)))

  24. TheSuperhugo7 says:

    fuck wonderful 🙂

  25. Psykoxtreme says:

    wow… its not even a jump shot… theres a ramp at the end of the table. this shot could be made by any average pool player. you just need a good stroke and power control.

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