“Ewa on the Beach” Surf Guitar Lesson – Frankie & The Pool Boys

A few people have asked me to tab out “Ewa On The Beach”, but I’m too lazy for all that, and you need to train your ear! So here’s a video close up of my hands to get you started, plus a bunch of hints using annotations. This song comes from the Frankie and the Pool Boys CD which is available a www.pollodelmar.com or http or look for it on iTunes: www.itunes.com **Download the backing track for this song @ surfguitar101.com

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  1. kootTube says:

    Cat leaves at 2:34 during C# min add sharp 5. About the time the guy falls over his feet in the video.

    Love this!

  2. morphballio says:

    Great job, love this tune.

  3. surfguitar101 says:

    Fantastic! So cool!

  4. mycroft3006 says:

    Thanks Ferenc, I may need this video 😉

  5. Hoodrio says:

    Really nice work–Thanks!!

  6. stupullen says:

    that is some good surf stuff -5 stars*****

  7. DillonUSMC27 says:

    Wow! Just what I needed!!! Thanks man!!!

  8. conagher29 says:

    Very ,Very Nice! That is smokin!Thanks!

  9. oioikanone says:

    my cat always ran away when i picked up my guitar…

  10. sbogiam61 says:

    GOD I LOVE THIS. what amp are you using?

  11. frankiepoolboy says:

    @sbogiam61 >> ’90 Fender Vibroverb 2×10, w/ 1965 Fender Reverb tank

  12. instrofreak says:

    well done Ferenc, very nice video!And the tune is beautiful too!
    …and the Jazzmaster looks candy, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    Vibes from Berlin


  13. instrofreak says:

    ….opppps, this Jazzmaster, I meant 🙂 beautiful strat though….


  14. RockytheBear says:

    @oioikanone guess you need a little more practice then, huh?

  15. dancelittlesquire says:

    ha, my sisters called Ewa!!!!!!

  16. KingReverb says:

    Anyone provide insight into the strumming pattern….can’t quite tell if its all straight down/up or some variation

  17. crorivpro says:

    Its not only a really great tune but to share it, so even hackers like me might be able play it is very generous. Thanks for posting this.

  18. funlovincop says:

    Made me wanna pick the guitar, i guess thats the best compliment i can give 10/10! Thank you

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