Eric Yow! and Mike Massey, Artistic Billiards

Visit for Pool Tables and Pool Table Dining Sets! There you’ll find high quality pool tables and even pool tables that turn into dining tables!!! Enter the gift code V4PI-UFPW-IS8Q to receive off of your purchase of a Pool Table or Pool Table Dining Set! ATTN: This video frame-skips, so I uploaded a beter version here – ATTN! DATE CHANGE: THIS SHOW WILL FILM MAY 16 AND AIR ON ESPN2 IN JUNE! Sorry for the delay. Yow! and Massey practice Artistic 3-Cushion Billiards at Carom Cafe in NYC. This is preparation for “Artistic Billiards Grand Master”, to air on ESPN2 May 6, 2007, where they will compete against Semih Sayginer, the best of the best. For a higher quality download – Three cushion billiards is played where one point, or billiard, is scored by sending your assigned ball (either white or yellow) into some combination of three rails and both other balls, ending with the hit on the last ball. For instance, one may score by hitting your cue ball (white) into the yellow, traveling three rails or more, and hitting the red. Or, you could travel three or more rails and hit both of the other balls. Etc.

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  1. CP8573622 says:

    incredibile!!! you are the best!!!
    a veri grand master

  2. Rigg2007rev2 says:


  3. hockeylad191 says:

    mate wherer the pockets?!

  4. californication09 says:

    it’s a fake

  5. CsGraphicsForum says:

    It is not a fake! It’s Carambola Artistica.

  6. h4l0h0l4 says:

    its table without pocket, i love it 🙂

  7. rmsedivy says:

    i love how all your idiots say this is fake. you have no idea what kind of skill it takes to perform these shots. massey and yow are two of the best in the world. its artistic pool. the object in artistic pool is not to pocket any balls for all you dumbasses that are like… uh… theres no pockets… no shit we can see that.

  8. offroadingmachine007 says:


  9. tedlaver says:

    that you even think that this is fake means you have spent nowhere near enough time anywhere near a poolhall to know what you are talking about. if you can’t run a table don’t run your mouth and while you are shutting up think about what a waste of oxygen you are.

  10. tedlaver says:

    and the hardest carom billiards is called Three Cushion an object ball must be struck and then three rails before a carom happens in order to get a point

  11. rasti95 says:

    i´ve seen it in tv… and i couldn´t believe it!!
    cause i play sometimes billard, and it´s so hard…
    i think massey and yow sleep on a pool table 😀

  12. hnnhlh14 says:

    It’s a 3 cushion billiards table.

  13. xsilviadrifterx says:

    this shit isnt fake this is insane knowledge of a pool table. i can hold my own im a 7 in apa but this right here is just epic.

  14. mijos69 says:


  15. surbitondude says:

    At 5:44, why doesn’t the red ball move?

  16. surbitondude says:

    OK, it’s touching the bank, you can’t really see how wide it is at that angle..

  17. Bino43 says:

    “i love how all your idiots say this is fake. you have no idea what kind of skill it takes to perform these shots.”

    Well,…..I think it’s obvious these gentlemen can shoot a pool ball better than anyone in this comment section…lol…..but,as for fake?….well,I had no reason to assume anything was faked until 5:40

  18. disgusting7 says:

    Best ever!!

  19. nniikkoos1324 says:

    the best artistic player is semih sayginer watch him and learn

  20. wheelz23 says:

    @rmsedivy yeah its called 3 cushion billiards 🙂

  21. brooklynboiz says:


    Did you ever think up the possibility that it might have gotten close to the red ball but actually switch direction?

  22. lunaticluau says:

    @surbitondude it does move its frozen on the rail and moves a very little but in three cushion the ball doesnt have to move just have to make contact after three cushions

  23. 89Slh says:

    reading people say this video is fake is delusional. Search who Mike Massey and Eric Yow are. These guys are champions.

  24. NAMTRIP says:

    This is not fake,Eric Yow spends all day doing this shit over and over,Ive heard he did a Masse so hard,it caused a burnt spot on the cloth,and smoke actually came off the table,Mike Massey is a pro on so many levels,it is delusional,to an average person,Mike holds several pool endurance world records.And is one of the best trick shot artists of all times.100% real.

  25. MrHighcue1 says:

    this is three chusioun billiards very nice video

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