Efren Reyes What’s in the Case

Efren Reyes What’s in the Case with Samm Diep. See what pool cue and accessories Efren Reyes uses. See more at www.insidepoolmag.com

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  1. MisterBinx says:

    I don’t know a lot about pool, but from the videos I see of this guy, he is a beast in pool. Currently the best I’ve ever seen of this generation.

  2. ggrizzle says:

    @jeson86 LOL!

  3. ggrizzle says:

    @SDwolfpac Not that rich…he definitely makes a living he’s raked in over 70k this year alone according to azbilliards 😛 Could you imagine making that much money and living in the Philippines? Dude is effing balling rich in his country that is for sure.

  4. killstreak416 says:

    @urbandarito LOL ..lalo na cguro kung walang arthritis

  5. theblemishedone says:

    @soulofyew by Philippine standards, he is a millionaire. Don’t go by what you see on most websites as his income. He makes six figures through pool playing, sponsorship, and gambling.

  6. 320602 says:

    he reminds me of my uncle

  7. PurpleLotus92 says:

    whats a miss cue?

  8. AnnuphixNZ says:

    YEah Baby Bendu FTW

  9. AnnuphixNZ says:

    HE reminds me of bendu

  10. gokawi1 says:

    Efren has better english compare to Pacquiao

  11. simion11 says:

    @PurpleLotus92 Its a cue you use to miss. LOL

    Actually its a Mezz cue. Mezz is a cue line. Good cues too.

  12. TheTrojanrazon says:

    the brand of cue does not matter. it’s the pool knowledge that Efren brings wherever he goes. knowledge that only efren have. he is humble. and doesn’t talk too much. he lets his skill speak for him. maybe his english is not that good. but i’ll bet my Z3 if any of your favorite american pool player could speak pilipino and kapampangan fluently… in pool, knowledge of the game is essential. not the language you speak. and FYI, english is not the language that most people speak. it’s chinese.

  13. PurpleLotus92 says:

    @simion11 Why would you wanna miss??? xD And WHY DO YOU MAKE A CUE TO MISS? xD

  14. ellahsun says:

    @jpchua182 and so what if he mispronounce the words?? do you need correct pronunciation to play billiards?

  15. NAMTRIP says:

    Mr.Reyes sounds humble,but hes a Tiger on the table,He really is a very special player,He was good at a early age,beating every usa player worthy of being called a pro,Who cares if he dont talk right?Hes the all time pool Guru of this generation,I respect him.

  16. Eptapus says:

    I wish Reyes were my grandpa! 😀

  17. inamoratokoi says:

    thanks for sharing =)

  18. inamoratokoi says:

    oh that was sweet =) =) =)

  19. 0662033 says:

    narrow! hindi dirty!

  20. phillydoze says:

    what kind of joint is that metal on resin ?

  21. jdbankshot says:

    @TheTrojanrazon excellent points, i agree with you 100%. however, english is the global second language. it is more beneficial for a filipino or chinese person to speak english than it is for an english speaking person to learn kapampangan.

  22. Mssarakai says:

    Youre a god. God of billiard..

  23. 802maximus says:

    i’d do her

  24. parahlurah says:

    @littlewing62 lol dude …

  25. notbestfriends says:

    Efren is a great player but I believe Willie Mosconi, with 15 World Straight Pool titles and a 526 straight pool run, is the G.O.A.T.

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