Efren Reyes v Shannon Daulton at the Galveston World Classic Match 1

Efren Reyes v Shannon Daulton at the Galveston World Classic Match – Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv

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  1. fastballonly says:

    I like the way Efren ran the balls at the very beginning of this video.
    That was just a warm-up.

  2. dratbu2004 says:

    Efren is really a pool genius… An all around player and no doubt a legend on this sport…Very humble…

    Efren, you made us proud to be a filipino…Mabuhay ka!!!

  3. mr694you says:

    This was a great match. Efren double dip his opponent to win the title and proving himself once again that he is the greatest 1 hole player of all time. It’s funny how the the other commentator named JJ keeps on disagreeing on a lot of Efren’s shot selection especially @ 56:51 where he said Efren is showing off and that he doesn’t understand the logic of that shot. Tsk! That’s why Efren is the greatest and he is NOT! He doesn’t see the right shots that Efren does. Also he is bias to da fat guy!

  4. famapublica says:

    Reyes is a great player no doubt, but saying he is the ‘greatest 1 hole player of all time’ may be going too far. He is ‘one’ of the greatest one pocket players of all time. Of current players, Parica, Joyner, Frost, and as you call him ‘the fat guy’ are all capable of beating Reyes. Daulton for example is a much better banker than Efren, in fact he plays banks just under Brumback. As far as past players go, Ronnie Allen and Vernon Elliot would both be more than a match for Reyes.

  5. mr694you says:

    It’s true that those current players you mentioned are capable of beating him but that doesn’t mean they are better than Reyes besides Efren is “55yrs old”! If I remember correctly Efren is giving Joyner and Frost handycap when they play him for money. As for Allen and Elliot I’ve never seen them play so I can’t comment on that BUT Billy Incardona said he still believe Efren is better than those two. Billy has seen them all. He’s been to the game for more than two decades himself.

  6. 880330145789 says:

    can someone explain to me what 1 pocket means? sry i dont know much about pool .

  7. RayHusted says:

    you cant just watch the match and figure it out really?

  8. RayHusted says:

    I think elliot would make efren piss himself personally. i fully agree =)

  9. 880330145789 says:

    no really.. i googled it already so yea i now have an idea.

  10. Zach014789 says:

    JJ is Jeremy Jones. He disagrees alot because they are different players with different opinions on how to play the game. So don’t tell me he does not know what hes talking about.

  11. duysome1 says:

    this game takes forever, but its interesting as hell.

  12. icanthearyoutoowell says:

    Each player is assigned a pocket below the rack. The object of the game is to sink 8 balls in your pocket before your opponent sinks 8 balls in theirs. Very defensive game. Unlike any other game in the world of pool. Takes strategy and a lot of thinking and cue ball control. If you have a wild stroke and can’t control the cueball, forget about it. Stick to 9 ball.

  13. emilioarroyo says:

    Its a pool game where each player has to pocket 8 balls. One player in the bottom left pocket and the other in the bottom right pocket. Its a game with a lot of strategies and skills.

  14. thecomo says:

    what game? u stu[id dumbshit

  15. duysome1 says:

    The game where i chase your mother around the room. You ugly fuck.

  16. MrGoesinya says:

    I love how a top 3 player in the world like Efren always looks so apathetic to the whole thing. It’s so funny.

  17. codectified says:

    in the end its just pool =)

  18. xtianthadon says:

    i understand why dis type of game has no audience. cuz it’s fuckin long n slow 2 watch.

  19. Indeinlokk says:

    What for a Cue has Efren Reyes ?

  20. Six3rdnRidah says:

    it doesnt matter, hes mastering english, position, rail, bank, speed and power.
    he can do his skills with any other pro cue.

  21. iluvP92 says:

    shit this video is so long..

  22. KralikKurva says:

    so get out matherfucker..

  23. spikerobishaw says:

    1:15:20 LMAO!!! “hey would ya blow me??” “Haywood Jablowme”

  24. snookerjam says:

    i dont understand this game, whats the main difference from straight pool? 8 and 9 ball i mean. ty

  25. MrHighcue1 says:


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