Efren Reyes v Cliff Joyner One Pockets Semis at Galveston World Classic

Efren Reyes v Cliff Joyner One Pockets Semis at Galveston World Classic – Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv

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  1. nibols23 says:

    thnx for the upload really thank you very much for sharing

  2. VirusX says:

    thanks so much for this.

  3. icanthearyoutoowell says:

    What a shot around 1:20:10.

  4. fastballonly says:

    Nice rack, baby!

  5. ikawpipa says:

    thanks for sharing. nice video.

  6. perrymarko says:

    Cheater Cliff failed to spot a ball for the scratch he had in the first game after he pocketed 2 balls.

  7. cyn303 says:

    as an avid one pocket player I really enjoyed this match. the commentators were greeat. reminds me of accu stat vids. I always learn something watching the pros. thanx

  8. strophish says:

    1:32:40 other than that, I wish there was a thumbs-sideways. Safety school for sure, but the conservative play seemed to cool their strokes down so much that many good opportunities were missed. Overall, leaving something to be desired.

  9. tokyo9ball says:

    To Perrmarko, Cliff did spot a ball. He made the 13 ball early in the game and was leading 1-0 for a while. When he scratched he spotted the 13 ball making it 1-0 for Reyes.

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