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December 10, 2010 Billiard Videos

The most anticipated trick shot video on YT 🙂 …just kidding! Watch this video on Vimeo to enjoy higher quality: This video is also published on bweb, the main Italian Billiard webzine/forum:

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  1. It’s a Longoni-P8

  2. SteveMarks2217

    Wow this is really a good video. Great work on this. I love seeing videos like this one and not crap that alot of kids post thinking they are good. I cant belive i have never seen this one before.


  3. Great control,alot of precision. you have a future in artistic pool. Rob”the Hurricane”Peacock

  4. bella socio…sei un dio della stecca oramai…ps comunque in quella stanzetta un paio di volte ti ho battuto!
    basta con lo skate…vai di biliardo…mi hai impressionato vecchio!

  5. awesome thats great so keep it up and check out my vids!


  6. dabestracedriver2k9

    Amazing! Alot of professional shots so it’s superb, check my videos out and compare 🙂

  7. good show. but please dont sand your cue.

  8. Don’t worry, I don’t sand my cue.
    I just polish it with a suede shaft polisher.

  9. Okay, cool..
    I know a guy that had a predator 314 shaft, and he sanded it to much. Next thing he knew it was unsplicing because he took to much wood off of it.. lol.

  10. Wow, great skills. I can’t believe this it’s real good.

  11. good ,your retro are very good, continuous !

  12. great shots dude. keep it up!

  13. wtf did he do at the end???

  14. cool.

  15. dabestracedriver2k9

    He put a lot of side-spin on the ball which caused the ball to move while the cue is in contact on top of the ball.

  16. Prayingmantis72

    dude. Im gonna be honest. this was probably my favorite trick shot video on youtube. so many creative unique shots. Im sick of all the videos on here with the same masse shots. This video has it all and then some. Very very impressed with the shots and how it was all put together. Loved it!!! I didnt even realize I saw this video 6 months ago. The last shot was was not expected and awesome! Hope to see more.

  17. T h a n k s a l o t Mantis! Your words are awesome and the fact are written by a player like you make me so proud. Filming this video I wanted to do simple and original shots that will be appreciated by other trickshot player on YT. I wanted to say something new without going too much for show but stay on the tech side of it. Reading your words I realize I come out with that purpose. As you can see from my other vids I keep on doing it my way and yes! …a new trickshot video is on filming.

  18. simply amazing

  19. best on youtube

  20. Bravissimo !

  21. waw, nice

  22. sick stroke my friend!

  23. Very creative shot amigo, well the hole video is nice, good music choice with great shots and this final shot is like ” la cerise sur le gateau ” 😉 Take care.

  24. Nice trick dude

  25. ok man i have to say ur video inspire me to be a better pool player and to learn trick shots i would believe u making a tutorial would be great cause i feel i can learn a lot if u can plz let me kno i love the video unique shots and i was awww by so many shots of urs you are the top pool trick shot video on here i would say the best please make more and tutorials if u can thanx again

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