ecio pool trick shots RE_EDIT

New edit and few new shots

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    nice redo.the shot at 3;46 was cool.good job keep it up.


  2. cybitz159 says:

    Dude you are awesome.

  3. t0mbuzz says:

    Drawstroke looks really good!! And I really like the 2 last shots as well, I never thought of that could happen 🙂

  4. silent1der says:

    Nice stroke. I’ll have to try some of those for my website. -trickshottim[dot]com

  5. MikeMadness13 says:

    wow. you have a really really good draw stroke. the masse shot 3:32 was really good too!! Your a really good player this game. 5/5 and favourite. i will also subsribe

  6. MeAnUrMum4eva says:

    its unbelivable (spelling)

  7. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    Nice ! Keep going..

  8. cozza1991 says:

    Nice vid!

    second from last shot was somthin i hadnt seen before!


  9. zoranban says:

    roba già vista…niente di particolarmente difficile su di un tavolo da 7 piedi e con tentativi illimitati…

    anche la tua steccata non è proprio il massimo…

  10. zoranban says:

    la musica è carina però…

  11. ecioman says:

    Accetto il tuo commento ma, dal momento che tu non hai pubblicato alcun video di trickshot, il tuo parere non vale nulla qui su YT e tutti i commenti precedenti non fanno che confermarlo.

  12. zoranban says:

    giochiamo a soldi e poi vediamo se il mio parere non vale…

  13. ragtm60 says:

    how you make the ball makes turns

  14. bjstarz556 says:

    good job man 5 Starzzz!!!
    check out my videos please

  15. jesfish411 says:

    nice. you should see the ones I put up. It will blow your mind.

  16. kizheciozhec says:

    nice vid!5 stars!
    Poolstriker,the french trickshotman

  17. chetissweet says:

    The table looks really small

  18. chrippe24 says:

    HAHAHAH WTF is going on in those last 2 shots haha

  19. chrippe24 says:

    i know how the hell does those 2 last shots work ? lol

  20. TheRealEmskiHelp says:

    Video editing.

  21. ecioman says:

    NO !!! Absolutely NOT.
    In lasts shots I stroke hard the cue ball with maximum side effect so the cue ball after hitting the object ball stop and keep rotating fast. Then I lay the shaft on the top of the cue ball and a little bit on the side. The rotation of the ball drag itself in the direction of the contact of the cue.
    If you watch close, in both shots you can clearly see the cue ball rotating fast before and after the contact.

  22. chrippe24 says:

    no he hasnt, i figured out how it works,really easy actually lol

  23. jackoakey94 says:

    you are amazing how do you do the jump shots

  24. devinand711 says:

    how did u do those last tw2

  25. Billardplayer1 says:

    Nice .. watched my trickshots All player or poolfans 😉

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