Easy Pool Trick Shot

I felt like doing some pool shots. They’re not too hard, enjoy!

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  1. baseballman94 says:

    yeah thats a kool shot. check out my vids i have one like this on there but it involves more balls

  2. poolexpert123 says:

    hey keep it up check out my video i need feed back please

  3. maxfli2007 says:

    G sure knows his pool

  4. LouieB94 says:

    checkout my 2 vids. 😀 Of Pool trcks

  5. cahmp063 says:

    you are so asome dude i tried it and it worked

  6. rinaldi321 says:

    how is that easy?

  7. TR86 says:

    i bet you couldnt do that with a 6 or 12 ball

  8. PolkyDawg says:

    haha ah…a classic trick well done man

  9. steelerzfan724 says:

    i just learned that trick its fun

  10. dabestracedriver2k8 says:

    nice hair

  11. grat457 says:

    haha i know i look like a tool here. thats all shaved now.

  12. dabestracedriver2k8 says:

    Lol wicked!

  13. ryanyroozers says:

    not difficult… ur lying lol great shot

  14. graemegraemegraeme says:


  15. LORDxPANDA says:

    dude thats awsome!!!!!!

  16. jlowellb says:


  17. jimothy1324 says:

    dude i this one of my favorite shots yo u should check out mine its basically the same just add a some more balls to make it look cooler

  18. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    Hey, check out my new ones man, has your hair grown much after the past 7 months? xD

  19. mysteriousguy25 says:

    lol, i saw that on TV once.

  20. ableford says:

    awesome great camera work

  21. 990909909 says:

    Nice execut! ;)p

  22. 123americanidiots says:

    awsome trick

  23. Whazzabi says:


  24. dilldog151196 says:

    ur fat.( :

  25. MW2DONS says:

    this is crap watch mine add an ww dot or clik on my name their so much better!

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