Donald Duck plays three-cushion billiards

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  1. MEMAMIMAMA says:

    freakish, dude!

  2. missantropica says:

    je vous remercie de commentaire. Par ailleurs, ne tentez pas cela chez vous sans la supervision d’un adulte

  3. stayonthefarm says:

    we watched this video in my geometry class!

  4. StudentenPoolles says:

    I dont understand it 😀

    First step is: find the natural angle. Ok that is not a problem.

    Then lay down your cue, thats the cueposition.. but how do I know the cueposition??? And if I know the cueposition I am allready aiming for the right spot, so why would I deduct anything?

  5. missantropica says:

    for each shot take precise calculations, figure each shot in your head, you`ll need a lot of practice……….

  6. st0yst0y says:

    ha good vid, but the rest of it is trippy. you should upload it if you got it

  7. FreedomKIDatGVILLE says:

    I just ran across this video while searching for three cushion billiard videos. Very ingenious. I like to play three cushion billiards and I have attempted to learn the diamond system and I have always liked Donald Duck. Funny and intuitive… Thanks. Lots of luck.

  8. phixtra191 says:


  9. brokermanscv says:

    Who is the three cushion billiard player in the video anyone know?

  10. FutureDJHero says:

    I would play this game rather than standard billiards

  11. FutureDJHero says:

    antiquated ideas lol

  12. professorcookie says:

    I use this video in my geometry class. I remembered it from years ago and it works well enough. I then show the Flintstones smoking Winstons.

  13. dan202020201 says:


  14. rruizjl says:

    El Pato Donald juega carambola!

  15. GangstaClown678 says:

    i saw this in math class last year

  16. GangstaClown678 says:

    thanks to donald, im a legand at 3 cushion billiards!

  17. CR055H41RZ says:

    thank you for putting this up this is very nostalgic

  18. bubrockit says:

    My 8th grade algebra teacher showed us this…

  19. JoshRoweice says:

    I’ve got to play this.

  20. spongebathe says:

    Thank you! This type of billiards is popular in S Korea, and not pocket billiards

  21. henriquenem says:

    I watched this video at school xD
    I just can’t undertstand Donald’s voice in portuguese 🙁

  22. laphouine says:

    Thanks for this video, i learn the angles for free

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