Domino Pool Trick Shot

An amazing pool trick shot, with huge set-up.

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  1. zaper12321 says:

    the video is bad quality! its crap to be honest

  2. hsmcsibones says:

    Wow! That was amazing! How many times do you think they nearly finished and then accidentally knocked one down? I don’t think that I would have the patience!!!!!!!

  3. hsmcsibones says:

    Sure you can! Post that on here… then I MIGHT believe you.

  4. Akaleths says:

    Amazing, simply amazing. Having the patients to set it up and the faulty mistake that some make and still be able to create such a thing. As well positioning the cue ball’s so they get sinked in. Really amazing stuff.

  5. myflowerbook says:

    i love this video
    i have a request for the comment readers
    i need messages from yall so i can upload
    videos of me doing dares better than the ones i have
    i fell on my face for one of them
    if you wanna see that message me plz!!!!

  6. JoshHawkinsMK says:

    Now pick up that mess! Lol great job man, that rocked! XD

  7. PhantomGEWO says:

    you really have to wonder, how does somebody make that much time to put this together..

  8. jimblonious21 says:

    way 2 much spare time

  9. skullcandy2626 says:

    jimblonious21 this is one of two of ur favorites and its pretty gay if ur so much better than me lets see ur kickflip u crazy american

  10. nietsnevel says:

    how does he get the balls to move from one table to another

  11. fellcorni says:

    Holy shit xD

  12. sasquashownz1 says:


  13. delrodude says:

    that is insane…how long did that take to set up…omg!

  14. chrisyaaa says:

    hey i love the trick so much i just got 1 trick how does the ball start moving to get to the other table how does that happen i dont get that please reply and tell me thx

  15. weeadamcee says:

    thers a string attached to the ball that goes along the 2 cues and its taken away by the ball sitting at the pocket when it gets hit into the pocket 🙂 no rocket science

  16. lilkyootepi says:


  17. Bob44AVA182 says:

    it’s funny but its getting boring after 30 least for me

  18. supero07 says:

    that is just crZY

  19. DisturbedJuggalo420 says:

    Who takes the time to do all that??

  20. JOPEYDOPE says:

    wtf that is sickoooh

  21. PedroOkamiWM says:


  22. Gman113100 says:


  23. randomballa says:

    holy overcomplicated batman!

  24. 1sk8erchimp1 says:

    thatd b funny if he fuckd up xD

  25. kapuano says:

    These people are virgins.

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